State Department seeks ambulatory EHR for overseas health sites

The U.S. Department of State is seeking to install a worldwide ambulatory EHR for the 50,000 federal employees and their families assigned to embassies and consulates in 170 countries, Government Health IT reports.

In a formal request for information, the State Department asks commercial EHR vendors to describe the features and functionality of products that could fit the bill. The department wants a system that could work at sites with low bandwidth and high Internet latency, can provide access controls for sensitive data like mental health records, is compatible with Medicare/Medicaid "meaningful use" requirements and supports e-prescribing, even for medications and immunizations not approved by the FDA.

The State Department provides primary care, coordination of local medical care, medical evacuation services and medical clearance assessments for the nation's diplomatic corps and overseas support staff and their families. Overseas health units vary widely in size and scope, with the largest providing medevac services, full-time Foreign Service physicians, local clinical professionals and regional administrative support. Smaller installations may have only a local nurse and provide immunizations and first aid, according to Government Health IT.

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