Satisfaction of HIE vendors dips

Satisfaction with health information exchange solutions has dropped an average of 8 percent since last year, as provider demands have outpaced vendor delivery, according to a new report from Orem, Utah-based KLAS Research. The company interviewed 219 HIE providers regarding reliability, relevance and transformation. Three out of the four lower ranked vendors are industry veterans: Medicity, Optum and RelayHealth.

Epic scored the highest overall, but its scores were down from the year before. The overall adoption of and satisfaction with HIE-based analytics and patient engagement are moderate to low. 

"What is surprising is that despite the millions of dollars HIE vendors invested to add needed functionality, only about half of them are seeing their provider satisfaction scores improve," report author Mark Allphin said in a statement. "Payment reform and the future of accountable care continue to keep many vendors struggling to keep up with provider demands." Announcement