Nurse fired for viewing patient records without authorization; Physician suggests 'new model' for EHRs;

> A curious nurse who looked at the health records of 108 patients at Titus Regional Medical Center in Mount Pleasant, Texas, without authorization was terminated, according to The Daily Tribune. The patients all were sent letters notifying them of the breach. Article

> The General Accountability Office (GAO) is holding the National Quality Forum (NQF) to task for failing to complete several health IT-related projects on time for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). In a new report, the GAO said that NQF--a non-profit contractor--did not meet its deadlines on five of eight projects promoting electronic health records (EHR). FierceHealthIT

> Physician Nicholas Fogelson, in arecent blog post on Academic OB/GYN, expressed disappointment with today's clinical record software, calling it "not that much better than paper." "[Electronic health records] as a whole lack a common way to represent information," he said. "Each system represents medical records in its own proprietary format, and thus lack the ability to speak to each other." As an alternative, Fogelson proposed a singular model to represent the entire healthcare industry. Blog post

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