NextGen, Cerner achieve bilateral interoperability; New York HIT execs support HIN funding project;

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> NextGen Healthcare and Cerner have achieved bilateral data interoperability between NextGen's ambulatory electronic health record product and Cerner's network. The systems are sharing data using established architecture and communication protocols. Announcement

> More than 1,500 former customers of Allscripts' MyWay EHR system have switched to Aprima Medical Software rather than stay with Allscripts. Allscripts had announced in October 2012 that it would no longer support its MyWay product by updating it to conform to new government requirements such as Meaningful Use and ICD-10. Announcement

> More than 30 health IT executives in New York have come out in support of Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed $65 million funding for a statewide health information organization. The signatories to the letter of support sent to the New York Legislature include representatives form Meditech and NextGen Health. The network would be coordinated by the NY eHealth Collaborative and overseen by the New York State Department of Health. Announcement

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> The cost of repealing and replacing the troubled sustainable growth rate (SGR) formula with a new payment formula for physician Medicare payments will cost $138 billion over the next decade if lawmakers adopt the Senate Finance Committee plan, according to the Congress Budget Office. The cost estimate came in a letter that CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf sent to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.), who chairs the Finance Committee. It estimates that the cost would break down to $60 billion between this year and 2019, and $138 billion through 2024. Article

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> Health insurers as we know them will likely cease to exist as accountable care organizations replace them, according to Ezekiel Emanuel, former White House healthcare adviser. "I do believe that the health insurance companies that we all love to hate are going away," he said this week during a speech at Princeton (N.J.) University, reported the Daily Princetonian. "I think this is the wave of the future." Article

> Between 2.4 million and 3.5 million people have enrolled in Medicaid as of January, a new analysis from Avalere Health has found. The enrollment figures include up to 1.7 million newly enrolled individuals who signed up in January alone. "Medicaid enrollment grew quickly in January, now that coverage is in effect and new enrollees can seek healthcare services," Avalere Health Vice President Caroline Pearson said in a statement. Article

And Finally... I think I'd vote to keep this law. Article