New certification for electronic prescribing of controlled substances released; standards on the interoperability between EHRs and medical devices forthcoming

> The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation and Underwriters Laboratories have partnered to develop standards on the interoperability between medical devices and electronic health records. The standards will help manufacturers design safer interoperable products and help facilities implement them. Announcement

> The Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission has released a new certification program for vendors offering electronic prescribing of controlled substances. The program is designed to demonstrate that vendors meet commission criteria and Drug Enforcement Administration regulations. Announcement

> Half of U.S. hospitals have joined a health information exchange (HIE), up from one-third of hospitals a year ago, according to a recent study by CapSite. Seventy-one percent of those hospitals plan to buy new HIE technology. Announcement

And Finally... I get "password" but why "Michael" or "sunshine"? Announcement