Kentucky launches initiative designed to foster statewide EMR system

If the state's governor gets his way, Kentucky will soon be home to a statewide electronic health records system. To foster that goal, State Gov. Steve Beshear (D) has created the Governor's Office of Electronic Health Information.

The state is creating the office to make sure it gets its share of the Obama administration's stimulus funding package for EHRs, which goes to states who adopt them by 2014.

To get those funds, states are required to create a department that oversees its EMR project. These state offices serve as single points-of-contact for federal and state agencies helping to get the EMR ball rolling. In this case, the office will also work with the state's three regional health information organizations, healthcare providers, consumers, insurers and the whole kit and kaboodle involved in sharing health data.

It will be interesting to see if any of this comes to fruition. Despite some big talk, RHIOs aren't going great guns, and getting a state's worth of EMRs in place by 2014 sounds a tad optimistic at best. But hey, press releases wouldn't exist if people weren't optimistic!

To learn more about the new project:
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