HIT consolidation expected; CMS attestation tools available;

> Most HIT experts are forecasting consolidation in the EHR market, which currently is fragmented into hundreds of "less-than optimal" disparate software products, says one blogger. Post

> The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has created a new set of online tools to help physicians and other providers navigate Medicare's Meaningful Use incentive program. The new tools include an attestation page where participants in the Medicare EHR incentive program can find information on how and when to attest for the program. Page

> The Internet Security Alliance (ISA) has joined with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)--via its Identity Theft Prevention and Identity Management Standards Panel--to create a new initiative on the financial impact of unauthorized access to protected health information. Release

> In response to medical practices that have spent a lot of time and money to put in place electronic medical record systems--only to find the systems so cumbersome that physicians don't use them--athenahealth has created a group called a "burn unit" to handle these physician practices that have been burned by the old systems, CEO Jonathan Bush told the Wall Street Journal's Health Blog. Article

> At the neonatal ICU of the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, software dubbed "Artemis" is used to monitor vital signs (such as heart rate, breathing rate, blood oxygen level, temperature, and blood pressure) and access data from medical records (such as the baby's birth weight). The data is being used to spot early signs of hospital-borne infections. Article

And finally... Scoring for better health. Article