For one senior living community, EHRs help high-cost patients find the right care

An innovative integrated care model that enabled seniors to transmit medical information to various providers and specialists could turn out to be a huge cost savings for Medicare.

Juniper Communities, which operates senior communities, cut hospitalization rates in half among its residents and reduced hospital readmission rates by 80% by improving care coordination through high-tech, high-touch initiatives. Using an upgraded EHR system, Juniper seamlessly transmitted up-to-date patient records to the appropriate care provider.  

“The results are so strong that I think this is a model that can be replicated and have meaningful results for hospitals, health systems, Medicare Advantage plans and individual providers. It’s a win-win,” Lynne Katzmann, Ph.D., founder and president of Juniper, told FierceHealthcare.

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The initiative aligns with other—albeit much larger—systems that have used technology to target patients with complex chronic disease. Recently, Banner Health partnered with Philips to launch a telehealth program that addressed the system’s sickest patients and reduced overall costs by more than one-third. In October, WellCare announced an initiative that uses in-home telemonitoring for chronic care patients.