Failed EHR implementation costs hospital $50M; Are Meaningful Use and ICD-10 two peas in a pod?;

A warning to all hospital executives: Make sure you clearly understand the needs of your physicians when it comes to installing an electronic health record system. As a Hospital EMR and EHR post highlights, failure to do so cost one hospital $50 million. Blog post

Developer iTriage recently released a mobile application that allow users to access Microsoft HealthVault patient records from their iPhones. An Android version is expected to be released within a few weeks. FierceMobileHealthcare

Meaningful Use and ICD-10 can complement one another, Health Language President and CEO George Schwend says, according to a blog post for ICD10 Watch. Schwend believes that since both can be considered exercises in language, healthcare organizations can work on both projects simultaneously to reduce overall costs. Blog post

Electronic health records earned the top spot on the ECRI Institute's list of top technologies and technology-related issues that hospital executives need to follow in 2012. FierceHealthIT

And Finally... Online file sharing now is officially considered a religion. Article