EHR vendors pledge to put obesity prevention tools in their systems; Meaningful Use Stage 3 rules won't be issued this year;

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> Three electronic health record vendors--Cerner, GE Healthcare and Physicians Computer Company--are pledging to integrate obesity prevention tools into their systems as part of a new initiative being pushed by Washington, D.C.-based advisory services company Avalere Health, the Partnership for a Healthier America and the National Initiative for Children's Healthcare Quality. Announcement

> Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Acting Administrator Marilyn Tavenner announced last week at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society's annual conference in New Orleans that CMS will not issue any rules pertaining to Meaningful Use Stage 3 until 2014, AHA News reports. Instead, she said, CMS will focus its attention on the rollout of existing requirements. Post

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> Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles are using an experimental software system that uses big data analytics to test the effectiveness of a real-time alarm designed to predict the development of brain swelling in trauma cases. The system--the result of a partnership between physicians in the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery and IBM and Excel Medical Electronics--analyzes in real time the vital signs obtained from a patient's bedside monitor in order to detect changes in the patient's pulse, blood and intracranial pressure, heart activity and respiration. Article

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> Most doctors don't tell their patients about the possible risks associated with CT scans, such as radiation exposure, according to a recently published study in JAMA Internal Medicine. The study's authors also determined that a majority of patients believe that doctors make the final decision on whether on not to proceed with a scan. Article

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> Within the next four years, the mobile healthcare services market will begin the commercialization phase and reach $26 billion worldwide as smartphone apps enable the mHealth industry to monetize these services, according to a new report by mobile research firm research2guidance. Article

And Finally... He sure showed them. Article