drchrono app now enables e-prescribing, drawing on images

drchrono announced today that its mobile electronic health record app now includes three to new features: free e-prescribing, FreeDraw and fax capabilities, according to a post at VatorNews. While the e-prescribing and faxing tools are pretty self-explanatory (docs can now write prescriptions for patients and send faxes directly from the app), the FreeDraw tool is an interesting addition. It allows to do free-hand drawings in any color for any documents or images--like X-rays--that can be viewed on the iPad. "We have a vision of creating a Patient Care Platform with a best-in-class tool set for physician/patient interaction on the iPad," drchrono co-founder Daniel Kivatinos said, according to VatorNews. "Freehand drawing on medical notes and allowing faxing through iPads is a next logical step. Both are critical in making clinical communication and workflow better." Article