Congressman urges increased adoption of EHRs

The House of Representatives should urge the widespread adoption of health IT and EHRs, according to Congressman Brian Higgins of Western New York.

The Democrat, speaking on the House floor last week, pointed to superstorm Sandy as proof that EHR use should be expanded.

"While many hospitals and medical centers were devastated by the storm, hospitals that employed electronic medical records were able to ensure that vital health information was maintained and not lost. Not only that, but electronic medical records enabled continuity of care as patients were transferred between hospitals," he said.

A number of health care organizations in Higgins' Buffalo-area district have benefited from health IT initiatives and grant programs. Buffalo EHR company Computer Task Group has won 12 health IT contracts, according to Higgins' announcement.   

"My Western New York community was an early adopter of electronic medical records and has since been recognized nationally as a leader in health information technology. I urge the House to encourage the widespread adoption of health information technology and to assist in its expansion across the country," he added.

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