Cloud-based EHRs could make the revolutionary feel evolutionary

"Perceptions of unaffordability and innovation limitations among electronic health record (EHR) platforms and systems available to independent and small group practices are among the greatest fallacies in healthcare today," writes Richard Upton, president of Richmond, Va.-based consulting firm UPTONGROUP in a guest post for FiercePracticeManagement this week. "The advancements in new cloud-based technology have opened an entirely new world of opportunity and interconnectivity to everyone in the healthcare arena for improved data sharing, security, and enhanced access to applications and data via any network device, anywhere, anytime."

Upton continues, arguing that if cloud-based systems became the "true national standard," that the revolutionary transition to EHRs would feel more "evolutionary." "In the end," he says, "healthcare is all about people. And when it comes to the nation's backward and inefficient legacy systems, the people are ready for evolutionary change." --Read the full article at FiercePracticeManagement