Black Book: Greenway tops EHR vendors for primary care doc satisfaction

Greenway Health is now the top-ranked electronic health record vendor for customer satisfaction among primary care physicians, edging out Practice Fusion, according to a new report from Black Book Rankings.

The six-month poll of implemented EHR users, announced Aug. 31, found that Greenway ranked first across all surveyed primary care EHR systems. Greenway ranked second behind Practice Fusion in 2013 and 2014. Greenway also received the highest customer satisfaction scores in the primary care subsets of general practice and family practice, and scored best among primary care physicians for system patient health data management and administrative processing, as well as order entry and management. 

"The latest Meaningful Use attestation data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reveals an EHR vendor landscape that, while still splintered among hundreds of vendors, is amalgamating, with the top vendors such as Greenway [and Vitera] in primary care, congealing their dominance in the ambulatory market," Doug Brown, Black Book's managing partner, tells FierceEMR.

Amazing Charts ranked first in the primary care subset of geriatrics, while PCC ranked first in pediatrics.

The survey also found that from Q4 2014 to Q2 2015, primary care was one of the fastest growing market segments, with 94 percent of practices employing more than six practitioners either having implemented or in the process of implementing or selecting an EHR. Solo and smaller practices struggling with resources are this market segment's late adapters.

In addition, the survey found:

  • 70 percent of primary care physicians who implemented their first EHR prior to 2012 were considerably more satisfied than those with systems implemented within the past 24 months (14 percent).
  • 84 percent of primary care practices who identify as being in some stage of replacing their current EHR are giving preference to vendors with fundamental population health tools and analytics.
  • Primary care user satisfaction has increased prominently in the last six months, according to client responses of all practices implementing an EHR longer than two years ago.

"Product and vendor loyalty among primary care practices over six physicians is on the upward trajectory," Brown says. "The vendor's abilities to meet the evolving demands of interoperability, networking, mobile devices, accountable care, patient accessibility, customization for generalist workflow, and reimbursement are the main factors that the replacement mentality and late adoption are turning course."

The findings dovetail with some other reports that vendor improvements to EHRs is increasing physicians' satisfaction with their systems, at least among large practices, and that physicians were shopping around for systems that better meet their needs. 

However, the reports are not consistent, with some finding physician satisfaction tepid or even declining.  

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