Allscripts drops lawsuit against Epic, HHC

Electronic health record vendor Allscripts dropped its lawsuit against rival Epic and the New York City Health and Hospitals Corp. (HHC) according to a court filing dated March 21. The lawsuit, filed in December, was dismissed "with prejudice," meaning that Allscripts will not be able to refile it. Allscripts had alleged that Epic and HHC failed to follow the rules of the competitive bidding process after HHC awarded an EHR contract to Epic last September.

In dropping the lawsuit, Allscripts released a statement saying that it "looks forward to having the opportunity to work with HHC on other matters in the future," according to Health Data Management.

In additional Allscripts news, rival Aprima Medical Software announced March 22 that nearly 200 former customers of Allscripts MyWay--which was discontinued last October--have opted to replace it with Aprima's EHR system over the past six months. MyWay was built on a legacy Aprima "core" product, according to Aprima, which last fall said it would allow seemingly stranded MyWay users to upgrade to their product at no cost.

Aprima expects that number will grow "significantly," predicting that as many as 1,500 MyWay users could eventually make the switch.

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