91% of docs want mobile-enabled EHRs

Most doctors are interested in using their mobile devices to access their electronic health records, even though they're not currently doing so, according to a new study published by Vitera Health Solutions.

While almost all physicians (93 percent) already are using their iPhones and other devices for work, only 6 percent are using them to connect to their EHRs or to e-prescribe, using them instead for email and texting.

However, 91 percent of physicians are interested in mobile EHR solutions; their most popular potential uses would be the ability to review patient charts (93 percent), to update a chart (87 percent), to order prescriptions (86 percent) and to document a patient encounter (82 percent). Two-thirds of practice administrators (66 percent) also would like to use mobile-enabled EHRs, as would 43 percent of billing managers.

The study does not indicate why so few physicians and others are using mobile devices to connect with EHRs despite the apparent interest.

However, it is likely that more clinicians and others will gravitate to mobile-enabled EHRs and other integrated health IT tools rather than stand alone products. Recent research reveals that combining different health information technologies--such as using EHRs that send clinical decision support, reminders and personalized information to patients' phones--increases the number of patients who receive preventive care and screening. EHRs with such capabilities have been shown to be more popular among providers.  

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