Tony Miller, Bind

Tony Miller
Tony Miller, Bind

Tony Miller is a passionate entrepreneur who’s hell-bent on making health care affordable.

He pioneered consumer-driven health care two decades ago because he believes that changing the financing of health care is the key to redesigning our broken system. He successfully built and sold two health care companies—Definity Health and He also found and led Lemhi Ventures, a venture capital fund dedicated to starting and growing disruptive businesses to redesign health care.

Tony knows there’s more work to be done. He believes people are frustrated because traditional health insurance is broken. As CEO of Bind, he’s on a mission to change that and put the power where it belongs—with the consumer. Shifting the power means rebuilding health insurance from scratch.  

Tony’s goal for Bind is to give consumers the information they need to make smart care decisions and clear signals to help them find the most effective, efficient care for their needs.