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Matt Hawkins, M.D.

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For radiologists, adjustment to value-based care not an overnight process

This year's centennial celebration of radiological imaging at RSNA in Chicago again attracted the brightest minds in medical imaging from around the world. It showcased the latest advances and highlighted our profession's strengths. Themeeting was a hit, with a sense of optimism permeating the canyon-like convention center. But now, the meeting is over. ... And now, our challenge is to sustain and gain that momentum.

RSNA 2014: What to expect (and hope for)

It's that time of year again--the week after Thanksgiving in Chicago, that is--when radiologists, sales-reps, administrators, and corporate-types converge on the McCormick Center for the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America.
What is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about RSNA? Cab lines? Coat checks? Really,reallylong walks in uncomfortable shoes? Mediocre wireless connectivity? Warm Chicago weather?
On the surface, the meeting sounds worse than a prison sentence. Why on Earth do we all congregate, like clockwork, on the south-side every year?

Patient-generated data: Re-evaluating the possibilities and necessities

It has been anointed as the next key frontier in healthcare. Patient-generated data, that is. A recentFierceHealthITpostfeaturing John Halamka, CIO at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, focused on this important topic and highlighted the ease-of-use of the devices, the financial support that likely will be provided by Meaningful Use legislation, and acceptance of health monitoring devices as a necessity between episodes of care.

Walmart health and its implications for imaging

Walmarthas opened five primary care offices across the country with plans to add more. These offices are in/near their stores. And, the supply-chain-rich, nationally-networked behemoth has decided to roll out this initiative by targeting underserved populations. Consequently, it is necessary to ask ourselves, "What is next?" I argue thatimagingwill be the next service offered at discount prices by our local stores. "Welcome to Walmart! Would you like to get a mammogram today?"

H.R. 4302: Duct tape, delays and decision support

By Matt Hawkins, M.D.

A permanent fix to the sustainable growth rate formula eluded Congress again--stunning, I know. Another year of SGR duct tape. AndICD-10 was laughably delayed for yet another year. (How many ICD-11 jokes have you heard over the last couple of weeks?) This kind of partisan-driven politicking escalates the apathy that many physicians already have for Washington. But maybe that's their objective.

Reimbursement in medicine: One radiologist's perspective

How do we get paid? Taboo question for a doctor to ask, right? When I think about reimbursement, my head spins into a wild vortex of bewilderment and non-cohesive mush. Summarizing the problems, complaints and processes associated with medical reimbursement in a brief column is akin to teaching my 5 year-old the theory of relativity. But I know you only have three-and-a-half more minutes to read this column, so I'll stop procrastinating.