Jason A. Wolf

Jason A. Wolf
Jason A. Wolf

Jason A. Wolf, Ph.D., is president of The Beryl Institute, where he specializes in organizational effectiveness, service excellence and high performance in healthcare. Follow Jason @jasonawolf and The Beryl Institute @berylinstitute on Twitter.

Stories by Jason A. Wolf

The consumer has spoken: Patient experience matters

I remain resolute in my position that patient experience is about much more than surveys or what they encompass--especially the Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS) measurements in the U.S. or surveys we see emerging in countries around the world.

Hospitals must define patient experience

In my most recent Hospital Impact blog, I reinforced the simple, but significant need to focus on 3 Ps of Patient Experience, offering that at the core of this idea is the central purpose on which an organization builds its experience effort.

The 3 Ps of patient experience

To excel at patient experience, you must have a foundation of purpose on which to determine the best people, design the best processes and build the best place.