Doug Della Pietra

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Doug Della Pietra

Doug Della Pietra is the director of Customer Services and Volunteers for Rochester General Hospital in New York, where he directs an intentionally-designed patient- and family-centered volunteer program, oversees the front-line valet and guest services teams, and leads the service excellence element of the Patient Experience Initiative while co-chairing the hospital's Patient Experience Team. Follow Doug @DougDellaPietra on Twitter.

Stories by Doug Della Pietra

Reduce caregiver stress, improve patient experience

Most hospital environments are fertile breeding grounds for caregiver stress: exposure to occupational hazards, discrimination, physical and psychological violence, insufficient remuneration, unfavorable work-life balances, unreasonable work loads, and limited career development opportunities.

How to deliver a world-class patient experience

In a very recent article, Dr. Delos M. Cosgrove, president and CEO of the Cleveland Clinic, wrote: "Not all hospitals and medical centers can afford the most modern facilities or advanced technology. However, we can all afford to listen to our patients, hear their stories and empathize with their hopes and fears."