Dina Overland


<p>Dina Overland is the editor of <em>FierceHealthPayer</em>. Prior to working with FierceMarkets, Dina wrote monthly newsletters on HIPAA and medical privacy issues, nursing home regulations, and food labeling laws. She also blogged for <em>Prevention </em>magazine. Based in the New Orleans area, Dina is a freelance writer, blogger, and indexer. She has a passion for maintaining a healthful, balanced lifestyle that incorporates many alternative and holistic medicines. Dina can be reached at doverland@fiercemarkets.com. Follow <a href="http://twitter.com/#%21/HealthPayer">@HealthPayer</a&gt; on Twitter and find her on <a href="http://www.linkedin.com/in/dinaoverland">LinkedIn</a>.</p&gt;