Carol Amick

Carol Amick is shown wearing a pink blazer.
Carol Amick
Manager of Health Care Services

Carol Amick is the manager of health care services at CompliancePoint. Amick is an experienced healthcare compliance professional with over 20 years of experience in healthcare.   After starting her career at HCA she moved on to become a compliance consultant for a “Big 4” accounting firm and has since served as the  Internal Audit Director, Compliance Director and Privacy Officer for several healthcare providers.  Carol has worked with post-acute care, outpatient, and acute care providers to develop and implement effective compliance programs.   During her time as Compliance and Privacy Director Carol has led numerous investigations into PHI breaches and responded to outside investigations by the OCR, OIG and other regulatory agencies.

Carol has extensive experience in helping organizations ensure compliance with the complex healthcare regulations and with responding to regulatory audits and investigations.

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