Wisconsin Republicans call for an audit of family planning centers, including Planned Parenthood

Following a November report that two family planning providers overbilled Medicaid $3.5 million, state Republicans are calling for a full audit of all the family planning providers in the state, including Planned Parenthood, according to the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism.

In previous audits of the billing practices of Family Planning Health Services Inc. and NEWCAP Inc., the state Department of Health and Human Services' Office of the Inspector General found that the organizations overbilled Medicaid for birth control and devices, but both organizations argued the state dictated their billing practices. Now 32 Republican legislators are asking the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to conduct an independent audit Medicaid family planning providers and a "thorough investigation of their billing practices." Representatives from Planned Parenthood said the organization is in compliance, but that any penalties would be financially "devastating" to the organization. Article