Ventana Research Perspective Highlights Technological Approach to Customer Interaction Analytics Embraced by Nexidia

"Next-Generation" Solutions Distinguished by Combination of LVCSR, Phonetic Indexing and Neural Networking Capabilities

ATLANTA, Sept. 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Nexidia, a leading provider of customer interaction analytics solutions for business transformation, today announced that a recently published research perspective from Ventana Research validates the company's market-leading technological approach to understanding and improving the customer experience. The research perspective detailed the key points of product differentiation that distinguish the "most advanced" marketplace offerings. Although Ventana Research perspectives never address specific vendors or products, the firm identified attributes that place Nexidia as the leading solution provider of "next-generation customer analytics."

The research perspective — entitled "Analytics Transforms Customer Interactions: Improving the Customer Experience Through Insights" — outlines the evolution of customer interaction analytics and the challenges of developing an approach capable of delivering "a complete view of the customer" that is also scalable, flexible, and accurate enough to rapidly process large volumes of unstructured audio and other interaction data at near real-time speeds.

Highlighting a critical point of differentiation, the research perspective declares that "the most advanced interaction analytics use neural networks and a combination of LVCSR (Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition) and phonetic indexing," which enables a company to "spot patterns, trends and hot issues, to understand customer sentiment and to derive key metrics in a systematic manner." Among all of the competitive offerings in the marketplace, only Nexidia's Neural Phonetic Speech Analytics — the engine that runs Nexidia Interaction Analytics™ — methodically and collaboratively employs this unique combination of phonetic indexing, neural networking and LVCSR capabilities.

Additionally, the research perspective notes another key dimension: scalability. According to Ventana Research, only the most advanced systems employing this combination of LVCSR, phonetic indexing and neural networking "can scale to handle the large volumes of interaction data companies are now producing and combine this with other structured and text-based sources of data" —an approach that "speeds up analysis, uses all available customer data, and makes the analysis more complete and the outputs more accurate."

Powered by Nexidia Search Grid's™ distributed infrastructure, Nexidia is currently the only solution provider that offers this level of advanced capability to enable unsurpassed scalability.

Nexidia also leads the industry when applying Ventana Research's other criteria that distinguish the most advanced solution providers, namely processing speed and accuracy, the use of root-cause analysis, continuous performance management cycles, and rules-based capabilities that support quality monitoring.

"Understanding and managing the customer experience requires an extremely sophisticated combination of capabilities to enable a true 360-degree customer view," commented Richard Snow, vice president and research director of Ventana Research's customer and contact center performance management research practice.

"The competitive landscape continues to evolve rapidly with different technological approaches. Our strategy of focusing on original speech research allows us a distinct competitive advantage in meeting the rapidly evolving market requirements," said John Willcutts, Nexidia's president and chief executive officer. "In the final analysis, the results are clear; anyone performing thorough due diligence will come to the same conclusion— Nexidia has built the leading, most robust, scalable, and accurate interaction analytics solution available."

To download the Ventana Research Perspective, click here.

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