Therapeutic Research Center Offers Special, Invitation-Only, Complimentary Webinar on Hypertension

Therapeutic Research Center Offers Special, Invitation-Only, Complimentary Webinar on Hypertension

Therapeutic Research Center, publisher of and , will host a special, invitation-only, complimentary webinar exploring the management of hypertension and the recent JNC 8 guidelines on Tuesday, October 7. will feature a range of health care experts with extensive knowledge in antihypertensive therapies, particularly in patient populations of varying ages and ethnicities. The webinar will delve into the controversies surrounding the recent guidelines and discuss how new standards-of-care can be meaningfully and practically integrated into patient treatment.

In addition to presenting their individual perspectives on JNC 8, panelists will cover antihypertensive treatment recommendations for patients in various age and risk groups as well as those with co-morbidities. They will also discuss real world examples of successful patient blood pressure management. Additionally, interactive polls will provide webinar participants with the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers directly from the panel during the event.

Faculty presenting at the Therapeutic Research Center Webinar include:

Medical Professionals interested in complimentary attendance to the webinar may .

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