'Shortcut to citizenship' targets Medicaid; Texas Planned Parenthood accused of fraud;

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 > Wealthy, pregnant women from former Soviet bloc countries are being recruited to give birth in Miami with Medicaid picking up the tab, CBS News reported. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) is calling for a federal investigation of the scheme. Video

> A whistleblower lawsuit alleges that a Texas Planned Parenthood affiliate robbed state and federal taxpayers for 10 years by performing unnecessary procedures on incarcerated teens from minority groups, according to LifeSite News. Article

> The U.S. Post Office developed an analytics tool to predict fraud, reduce investigation time and increase early detection, 21st Century Postal Worker reported. The tool has been applied to worker's compensation fraud cases. Article

Healthcare News

> The investigation into allegations that a Phoenix Veterans Affairs hospital used a secret waitlist to cover up treatment delays now involves 26 facilities nationwide, officials at the Office of Inspector General at the VA Department told the Associated Press. Article

> Despite their financial woes, rural hospitals are a model for reducing healthcare expenses, according to KBIA. Article

And Finally... Disability insurance scammer caught after posting YouTube dancing to Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride." Article