Pill mill doc sentenced to 20 years; Investigator warns against conclusions on exchange fraud;

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> Ronald J. Heromin, M.D., a prescribing doctor at Florida pain management clinics, was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison as part of "Operation Pill Nation II," the U.S. Department of Justice announced. Announcement

> An investigator told Congress it's premature to draw conclusions about fraud in the exchanges based on a report that 11 of 12 fake applicants qualified for subsidies, Politico reported. Article

> A New Jersey chiropractor argues that state funding of prosecutions through the insurance industry gives payers too much influence in how the state proceeds in fraud cases, the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud noted. The provider says the fraud bureau's use of SIU referrals violates his rights. Article

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> Given the recent surge in pricey prescription drugs, lawmakers are calling for Medicare to offer rebates and negotiate prices to reap significant savings, according to a report released Wednesday by advocacy groups the Medicare Rights Center and Social Security Works. Article

> Undercover government investigators have been able to purchase health plans and obtain federal subsidies using fake applications, according to findings from the Government Accountability Office, reports The Washington Post. Article

And Finally... Man tries to commit robbery armed with a potato. Article