Obama's budget request includes $378M to fight healthcare fraud and abuse; OIG updates list of excluded individuals and entities;

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> To combat healthcare fraud and abuse, President Barack Obama requested $378M in mandatory funds and $319 million in discretionary appropriations in his fiscal year 2015 budget proposal, Healthcare IT News reported. Article

> The Office of Inspector General's list of excluded individuals and entities has been updated with February 2014 exclusions and reinstatements. Announcement

> Potential fraud masquerades as good customer service in a physical therapist's office, according to The Field Clinic. Article

> With a lack of asset caps on eligibility, Medicaid fraud risk is a growing national concern, FoxBusiness reported. Article

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> As healthcare becomes even more important in American politics, the number of doctors in Congress is on the rise, which could play a huge role in shaping the country's healthcare future, according to a Health Affairs blog post. Article

> As concerns mount regarding incorrectly prescribed antibiotics and their contribution to the increase in antibiotic-resistant infections, some hospitals reported prescribing three times more antibiotics than others, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Article

And Finally... A Utah man gets busted for doggy doctor shopping. Article