New York boosts drug abuse controls; Video helps pharmacists spot would-be criminals;

> To crack down on doctor shopping for opioids and other prescription drugs, the state of New York recently made "fraud and deceit related to controlled substances" a crime. The state also will require payers to enhance benefits for heroin addiction treatment, Newsday reported. Article

> The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy released a video entitled "Red Flags" to help pharmacists ensure prescriptions being filled are for legitimate medical purposes, according to the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators. Announcement and video

> The state of West Virginia could forfeit about $230 million in Medicaid funds if it doesn't stop paying providers facing credible fraud accusations, the Charleston Daily Mail reported. Article

Health Insurance News

> Well before implementation of the Affordable Care Act, a handful of states--including Maine, Maryland and Massachusetts--created all-payer claims databases (APCD) according to Stateline. The APCDs collect claims data from all commercial insurers within their borders to detect price discrepancies among doctors and hospitals. Article

> Both insurers and cancer patients are seeing chemotherapy bills skyrocket, according to MedPage Today. Article

And Finally... Ticket scam costs hockey fans in the United States and Canada $77K. Article

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