Expected prosecutions stall VA exec firings; OIG finds Medicaid dental abuses in Indiana;

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> Impending criminal prosecutions are delaying efforts to fire Department of Veterans Affairs executives for falsifying patient wait-time documentation, the Washington Examiner reported. Article

> A new Office of Inspector General report identified numerous questionable billings by 94 dentists and one oral surgeon who treat Indiana children covered by Medicaid, Indy Star reported. Article

> The Office of Inspector General requested a $400 million FY 2015 budget to expand its audits and reviews of IT security, compliance and electronic health records, Healthcare IT News reported. Article

> The Office of Inspector General updated its List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (LEIE) database with October 2014 exclusion and reinstatement information. List

Health Insurance News

> When insurers implement a new reimbursement model known as pay-for-engagement--which emphasizes a strong doctor-patient relationship instead of an outcome-based metric--they incentivize doctors to better communicate with their patients, which in turn can help save costs, according to the New York Times Health Care Blog. Article

> Cigna will redesign the HIV prescription drug benefits on its exchange plans sold in Florida next year in response to a complaint accusing the company--and three others--of discriminating against customers with HIV and AIDS, The Wall Street Journal reported. Article

And Finally... New York hotel sued for fraud after losing track of a cat. Article