House GOP may have to vote again on healthcare bill

capitol building above trees
The House may need to hold another vote on the American Health Care Act if the Congressional Budget Office's report leads to additional amendments.

House Republicans, who voted on the American Health Care Act before the Congressional Budget Office scored the bill, might have to take another vote on the measure if the CBO finds it doesn't reduce spending by at least $2 billion over 10 years.

The bill has yet to be sent to the Senate as the House awaits the CBO’s report to see if it meets budget reconciliation rules. If it doesn't, it will need 60 Senate votes to pass instead of 51—a threshold that would be impossible without support from at least some Democrats.

The AHCA passed the House by a narrow vote of 217-213.

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Democrats pointed out that the rushed vote could backfire if the House is forced to vote again, as many Republicans have faced a backlash over the unpopular bill. The AHCA has been panned by most major industry groups, including the American Medical Association and American Hospital Association, and is similarly disliked by many voters.


Though its members have yet to officially receive the House bill, the Senate has already begun the process of crafting its own healthcare legislation. The bill is expected to undergo significant rewrites in that chamber, particularly in its Medicaid proposals. Republican governors in states that expanded Medicaid under the ACA are pushing for continued support for that program.