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Get proactive about avoiding physician burnout

The consequences of physician burnout extend beyond the health of doctors themselves to the quality of care they provide. It's not just a personal issue of work-life balance, but rather a professional issue that affects patient outcomes, and therefore physician practices, as well. Options have begun to emerge for those seeking to stem the tide.

ER overcrowding solution: Community paramedicine

Instead of just reacting to medical emergencies, some paramedics and emergency medical technicians fill in community care gaps by proactively treating patients on then scene when patients aren't sick enough to warrant an emergency department visit.

Moody's: Cyber risks will factor into credit ratings

A new report issued by Moody's Investors Service concludes that it must take potential cyber security breaches more seriously as it assesses the creditworthiness of healthcare and other business entities.

Why burnout hits emergency docs, hospitalists so hard

Burnout among healthcare workers is on the rise, and research suggests it hits emergency physicians and hospitalists the hardest, according to MedPageToday

Medical pot: Regs vary wildly even among legalized states

As the legalization of medical marijuana expands, many states regulators are still grappling with how to ensure physicians recommend the drug in ways that are medically sound. As a result, the way regulators scrutinize 'pot friendly' doctors varies wildly across the country, according to an article from the Associated Press.

Cultural and financial barriers to end-of-life discussions

Lack of financial resources, poor communication with healthcare providers, cultural differences and family conflicts are the customary barriers to delivering the type of end-of-life care that patients need, according to a study of 300 white, Asian and African American seniors that was published in the  Journal of Palliative Medicine.

3 qualities that make doctors heroes--wherever they are

Well beyond the walls of their practices, physicians are still physicians. But responding to a call outside of the comfort outside of a doctor's office takes more than medical expertise, noted a recent article from  Medscape. Regardless of setting or circumstance, the following qualities define the practice of medicine at its best, according to the article.

How hospitals handle workers who refuse flu shots

though the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that all healthcare workers receive flu shots, many healthcare organizations struggle to enforce it, especially if staff have religious or medical reasons that prevent them from having annual immunizations. 

Mendocino Coast's plight is that of many rural hospitals

The plight of a hospital in a remote Northern California town seems to be symbolic of what many rural facilities are suffering throughout the country.

Extensively equipped helicopters can help close clinical gap

Extensively equipped helicopters can provide high-level trauma care for seriously injured patients while airborne, potentially saving lives, the  Duluth News-Tribune  reported