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Latest Headlines

Many providers still on fence regarding bundled payments

The number of hospitals, hospital systems and physician groups that use bundled payments is slowly increasing, although many providers say they still remain on the fence about participating in this relatively new form of healthcare finance.

NYC speciality physicians paid millions

Specialist physicians practicing at some of New York City's hospitals receive millions of dollars a year in compensation, including hefty bonuses that some suggest are incentives to bring more patients through the doors, the  New York Post  reported.

Medicare Advantage payment changes stir anger

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' recent reversal of proposed payment cuts to Medicare Advantage plans has yet to gain a ton of supporters, reports The Washington Post.

AHA supports NQF's proposed quality measure recommendations

The American Hospital Association asked the National Quality Forum (NQF) to implement recommendations to risk adjust quality measures to account for sociodemographic factors such as Medicaid status, income, education and homelessness in a  letter this week.

Census survey changes may hide reform law effects

The Census Bureau plans to change its annual survey so drastically that it may be difficult to determine the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act, reports the New York Times.

KLAS: EMRs don't yet meet ACO needs

Electronic medical records are not meeting the needs of physician-led accountable care organizations, causing providers to turn to third party ACO vendors to meet their needs, according to a new report from Orem, Utah-based KLAS Research.

Time saver: Break these 3 bad email habits

Improving office efficiency is a frequent theme in  FiercePracticeManagement. Email is a big example of a time-saving tool that can easily become a drag on productivity for physicians and employees alike. To make better use of the time docs spend handling electronic communications, consider the following tips about what not to do from  Harvard Business Review.

Current ACA challenge: Understanding contracts

Only months into Affordable Care Act implementation, one of the biggest remaining challenges for physician practices is understanding contracts with new health exchange plans, noted consultant Mary Pat Whaley in a recent  Manage   My Practice  blog post.

Insurers to expand exchange offerings next year

The Affordable Care Act was a boon for health insurers, with a strong enrollment surge and more young, healthy consumers signing up. So insurers are preparing to expand their offerings on health insurance exchanges.

Medical care, prescription use climb

Consumers used more healthcare services last year, particularly for specialists, hospitals and prescription drugs--representing the first increamanse in three years--concludes a new report from research firm IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics.