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Latest Headlines

Moody's: Hospital expenses continue to outstrip revenue growth

Not-for-profit hospitals continue to operate under tough revenue pressures, a new report by Moody's Investors Service has concluded.

CBO cuts state estimates on spending for Medicaid expansion

The Congressional Budget Office dramatically reduced state Medicaid spending forecasts due to the Affordable Care Act, the New York Times reported.

Companies increasingly embrace wellness programs to cut costs

Many companies are looking to start or expand wellness programs to reduce medical costs by improving their employees' health, reports The Washington Post.

Secret VA wait list reveals 40 vets died while awaiting treatment

As many as 40 U.S. military veterans died while waiting for treatment at the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care System, and were part of a "secret waiting list" designed to hide about 1,500 ailing veterans who waited months at a time to see a doctor, according to a  CNN  investigative report.

Saving rural providers brings even more challenges

Rural healthcare faces a number of problems, including obstacles to reimbursement and difficulty adding and sustaining health clinics.

It's time to plot the future of EHRs

My commentary last week stating that  electronic health records have turned a corner  seemed to have struck a nerve--or at least more than the usual amount of interest. The article has been one of the most read and shared editorials I've written. It's also been mentioned in tweets and retweeted more than usual, especially the line "the time has come for people to stop complaining about EHRs and focus on their future." So what should we focus on?

6 top 2014 healthcare marketing trends

Younger consumers and digital technology will drive six healthcare marketing trends in 2014, according to a new whitepaper released by New York-based agency Smith & Jones.

ACA likely to lead to more healthcare spending

Although healthcare reform is designed to remove waste from the healthcare system, experts say it will lead to more spending now that millions of people are newly insured.

Nurses demand workplace safety in wake of hospital stabbings

Nurses, in the wake of two recent stabbings at Los Angeles hospitals that left one nurse critically injured, urge hospitals and legislators to put stronger safety measures in place to protect healthcare workers from violent attacks, according to the  Sacramento Business Journal.

Consumer-driven plans shift behaviors to cut costs

Members enrolled in consumer-driven health plans (CDHP) have a greater feeling of ownership over their healthcare and have shifted their health-related behaviors, which leads to lower costs, according to a new study from Cigna.