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Latest Headlines

Empower nurses to improve hand hygiene

Efforts to improve hand hygiene at health organizations must include nurses, according to an article at  Becker's Hospital Review.

The vaccination debate: Better balance needed between public and private entities

Despite the public sound and fury surrounding childhood vaccination in the United States, rates remain generally high. The cost of vaccination efforts have fallen disproportionately on physicians, however, according to a post on the  Health Affairs  blog, and increased help from the public sector is essential to maintain or improve upon the situation going forward.

Zika virus: Hospitals batten down the hatches as CDC works on vaccine

The threat of the Zika virus includes numerous unknown variables, which have healthcare providers across the nation adopting a "better safe than sorry" approach.

Novartis' deal with insurers could signal new wave of drug pricing

The recent performance-based deal that Novartis cut with two insurance giants could signal the beginnings of a new approach to drug pricing,  according to  a  Bloomberg  editorial.

Kaufman Hall chair: Hospitals must reduce costs in 2016

The head of one of the nation's foremost healthcare consulting firms has a list of tasks hospitals should accomplish in 2016--and cost reduction and the shift to value-based care tops the list.

White House seeks $30B in Medicaid funds for Puerto Rico

Providers in Puerto Rico could potentially see some financial relief in the coming weeks, as the Obama Administration has proposed $30 billion in additional Medicaid funding for the island over the next decade, The Washington Post has reported.

CMS issues final rule on overpayments

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has issued a final rule regarding the legal requirements providers most follow if they are overpaid.

Greater NY hospital association: Wealthier hospitals should bail out struggling institutions

One of the most influential regional hospital lobbies in the country is suggesting that its richer members "adopt" hospitals that are on the brink of financial insolvency.

More women in top management could boost bottom lines

Want to make your hospital more profitable? The solution may be putting a woman in charge

Obesity: Docs find effective weight-loss programs are elusive

Although the healthcare industry recognizes obesity as an epidemic, so far it is unable to slow its rate of advance. Now, despite the development of guidelines for weight management, a study in  Obesity  suggests clinicians may have a problem finding programs that use them.