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Latest Headlines

How Main Line Health cut sepsis mortality rates by 55%

A Philadelphia hospital system's successes can serve as a blueprint for hospitals that aim to reduce the threat of sepsis, Hospitals & Health Networks reports.

Blue Cross Blue Shield to change how retirees purchase health insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield companies (BCBS) are changing how they offer health insurance to retirees. BCBS will launch an insurance exchange this summer to support employers' efforts to shift retirees from group health benefits to individual coverage that begins Jan 1., 2016.

The rise and fall of Vermont's single-payer healthcare system

When  Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin (D) signed legislation in 2011 to create a single-payer healthcare system for his state, the concept looked promising.  However,  Shumlin pulled the plug on the system three years later after realizing the difficulty of financing the endeavor. There are two major reasons why the system failed.

Hospital CFOs need more data on labor costs

​Hospital chief financial officers must focus on labor cost--both from staff and executives--and ask relevant questions in order to keep costs under control, according to an opinion piece in  Healthcare Finance News.

Puerto Rico struggles with low levels of fed provider reimbursement

The federal government pays providers in Puerto Rico a fraction of what their counterparts in the United States receive--about 70 percent lower for Medicaid providers, creating a fiscal crisis.

To repeal Affordable Care Act, lawmakers need to get insurers on board

If lawmakers want to repeal the Affordable Care Act, their main challenge is piquing the interests of health insurers who seem to have mastered the healthcare reform law.

Changes on the way for Children's Hospital Colorado after investigation

Following a state investigation, UCHealth Memorial Hospital Central gave up a waiver allowing it to treat seriously ill or injured adult patients at its pediatric emergency room, and will take control of its inpatient pediatric hospital from Children's Hospital Colorado in June, The Gazette reported.

Hospitals, universities re-evaluate ties amid financial woes

Colleges are rethinking their relationships with their teaching hospitals as they become less profitable, according to the Wall Street Journal.

EHR fraud: A slippery slope

The future of health IT was looking pretty rosy this week in the afterglow of last week's annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society conference in Chicago. Interoperability....

What health insurance can learn from life and auto insurance

The health insurance industry could learn a thing or two from other industries in terms of how to make purchasing coverage more personalized and convenient for consumers.  FierceHealthPayer  rounded up examples from the life and auto industries to shed light on how payers can earn their members' trust and make the experience more both quicker and more enjoyable.