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Latest Headlines

Final Obama budget takes aim at opioid addiction, superbugs

President Barack Obama today submitted a budget for fiscal 2017 that includes funds to address opioid abuse, combat antibiotic resistance and prepare for potential infectious disease outbreaks.

Zika outbreak: White House seeks $1.8B to respond to virus

President Barack Obama will ask Congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funding to better prepare and respond to the Zika virus at home and abroad.

Concierge practice less about money, more about quality of life

There are several reasons physicians are drawn to alternative practice models, such as direct pay and concierge medicine. For Doug Pitman, M.D., the most meaningful benefit of switching to concierge care was the ability to restore balance to his life, according to a commentary in  MD Magazine.

Hospitals must train millennial nurse leaders in empathy, frontline engagement

A new generation of nurses is on the rise within the healthcare field, even as older generations continue to put off retirement, and hospital leaders must understand a few key principles to successfully teach younger nurses to be the next wave of leaders in the field, according to Becker's Infection Control & Clinical Quality.

Medical malpractice: Former HCA chief proposes alternative to current system

A retired former president of the Hospital Corporation of America is advocating for a no-fault medical malpractice system in Georgia that is also being debated in other states.

Price transparency push in Florida, Missouri

The notion of price transparency among healthcare providers is continuing to surface in Florida and Missouri in two dramatically different ways.

Nurses, hospital groups clash on Massachusetts bill to improve response to violence

Amid nationwide concerns about hospital violence, Massachusetts healthcare workers have often gotten the worst of it, such as a murder-suicide involving a cardiac surgeon at Brigham and Women's Hospital last year. Now, according to, Bay State nurses are organizing to demand improved protection from what increasingly feels like healthcare's new status quo.

Focus on low-cost, efficient, accessible care to attract millennial patients

For all the regulatory and institutional pressure to define and deliver value-based care, the biggest near-term driver of practical changes to care delivery may come from traditional market pressure. The expectations and values held by millennial patients already force providers to adjust, and that trend is likely to continue, according to an article in  USA Today.

Superbug-linked scopes: Feds failed to act on earlier outbreak

A recent report found blame to go around for a series of bacterial infection outbreaks linked to contaminated medical scopes, with regulators, hospitals and manufacturers all dropping the ball. Now new evidence indicates the problems with the scopes were apparent nearly four years ago, according to the  Los Angeles Times, but major players in healthcare oppose a key feature that would prevent a delay in notification from happening again.

In struggle over future of ACA exchanges, consumers caught in the middle

I often think of the old expression "I only have two hands" when my plate seems too full or in any situation when people or organizations have expectations assigned to them that they...