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Latest Headlines

Direct-pay practice: 3 steps to take before switching

Physicians increasingly explore new practice models to ease their financial strain and restore their satisfaction in medicine, but the process of actually making the switch (or starting a new practice) requires careful planning.   A recent  article  from  Medical Economics  provided three key successful transition steps

Healthcare unions gear up to fight potential cuts, layoffs

As the state and federal governments pressure the healthcare sector to cut costs, healthcare workers are often collateral damage, according to the Washington Times.

Insurers look for help to pay health insurance tax

Friendly reminder for insurers: the newly-instated health insurance tax (HIT) of $8 billion is due September 30. But insurers are not alone to handle and figure out how to pay such a hefty sum. The industry as a whole is turning to taxpayers to help cough up the money,  reports  Kaiser Health News.

Data suggest surgery prices are skyrocketing

The per capita surgery rate in the United States is some 50 percent higher than in the European Union countries, and that higher demand is apparently driving up prices dramatically,  NBC News  reported.

Urgent care centers put financial pressure on Texas hospitals

Texas hospitals are already under financial pressure due to the Lone Star State's steadfast refusal to expand Medicaid eligibility under the Affordable Care Act, and now they face yet another pressure point: urgent care centers.

Moody's: Non-profit hospitals see constricted revenue growth

The Great Recession may be over and the Affordable Care Act may be delivering millions of more patients, but hospitals are apparently still waiting for those bits of good fortune to make a difference to their bottom lines.

Radiology job hunting requires adaptability

The radiology job market, as has been the case in the last several years, continues to be flat, which means that radiologists looking for work should be adaptable, according to Edward Bluth, M.D., head of the American College of Radiologists Human Resources Commission, and colleagues.

Jackson Health comes under fire for charity care policies

Florida's biggest safety-net hospital puts low-income patients through a bureaucratic ringer in order for them to apply and obtain charity care, Kaiser Health News and the Miami Herald  reported.

Highmark defends its pricing

Highmark Inc. has been taking some heat lately over its pricing in West Virginia, where it has no competitors in the marketplace.

Not just for patients: Animal therapy benefits ER docs, nurses

Although hospitals have long used therapy dogs to help patients, the animals can also help relieve the stress of emergency room doctors and nurses who must handle life-and-death situations every day.