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3 traits of indispensable practice managers

Running a medical practice is hard work. And with various forms of healthcare consolidation potentially affecting virtually any practice, managers are under pressure to not just keep their jobs amid new governance but also to help such ventures succeed. To make the most of opportunities for their practices and careers, practice managers must pay special attention to honing certain skill sets.  

5 ways medical tourism can go wrong

Medical tourism is increasingly popular among patients and health insurers, but research indicates that many patients may return from abroad with costly infections or complications.

State-based exchanges tough to pull off

States should proceed with caution if they decide to set up state-based marketplaces, according to a recent article from the  Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), because  performance benchmarks and start-up costs vary greatly. 

More secure-messaging systems needed to meet patient demand

Patient demand for easy electronic access to their healthcare providers continues to rise, but practices have more work to do in adopting communications technologies and engaging people in using them.

Premium charges vary by insurer type, market size and competition

Health insurance premiums across the nation vary widely as the industry heads into the third open enrollment period under the  Affordable Care Act. Many national insurers have higher-than-average prices, while regional insurers tend to keep prices low in order to remain competitive in the marketplace, according to a  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation  report.

HFMA ANI: Revamping doctor-patient relationship may be key to cutting unnecessary care

Academic studies have done a very good job of quantifying the fact that the U.S. healthcare system spends about $750 billion a year on unnecessary tests, procedures and other facets of care. But finding a way to actually eliminate such wasteful practices has not yet been truly investigated.

EHRs factor heavily in treatment of chronically ill, AMGA says

Electronic health records are an important component of the management of chronically ill patients, but a big effort for providers, according to the American Medical Group Association in a recent letter to the Senate Finance Committee Chronic Care Work Group.

Massachusetts hospitals fail to comply with price transparency law

Massachusetts leaped onto the leading edge of price transparency when it passed one of the first laws in the nation requiring providers to furnish true prices to consumers. More than a year later and many patients are still having trouble obtaining clear and timely price estimates from providers in the Bay State.

How a pediatric hospital collaborative transformed patient safety

As hospitals nationwide work to improve patient safety and avert federal penalties for hospital-acquired conditions,children's hospitals have made some of the most significant progress, according to a column in  U.S. News & World Report.

Did UnitedHealth Group outgrow AHIP?

UnitedHealth Group has remained mostly mum about why it is splitting from America's Health Insurance Plans at the end of this month. It's possible, however, that the nation's largest for-profit insurer simply outgrew the nation's largest industry trade group.