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Latest Headlines

In hospitals, 'food revolution' takes hold

Hospital food today is fresher and more healthful from 20 years ago, which goes with society's focus on wanting more healthful food, according to an an article on

Cleveland Clinic to take full ownership of Akron General Health System

A year after buying a minority stake in Ohio's Akron General Health System, Cleveland Clinic is exercising an option to take full control of the system, according to Crain's Cleveland Business.

Focus on preventing nurse injuries starting to pay off for early adopters

Amid efforts to protect nurses from workplace injuries, some hospitals report encouraging progress, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Lack of data leaves unanswered questions about Medicare Advantage

For years, health insurance companies have claimed that Medicare Advantage can provide better care at a lower cost. But is this really the case?

American Nurses Association calls for 'zero tolerance' on hospital violence

A new American Nurses Association zero-tolerance policy for violence or abusive behavior says hospital executives must create a non-punitive environment so nurses don't fear penalties or retaliation for reporting abuse or violence.

Small-group market rules change may be GOP's best chance to alter ACA

In the wake of the Supreme Court's ruling to uphold federal Affordable Care Act subsidies, Republicans have labored to decide on their next move to repeal or at least chip away at the ACA.  

How CEOs can shrink expenses without sacrificing patient care

Hospital CEOs can shrink their hospital's expenses without sacrificing clinical care and patient services. But results aren't always guaranteed.

Improved hand hygiene means stricter monitoring, concrete penalties

Encouraging hand hygiene among hospital employees is a top priority in the healthcare industry, but improving it may require closer monitoring and the threat of penalties for non-compliance.

Need better evidence-based design for hospitals? Ask a nurse

As hospitals become increasingly willing to listen to nurses' opinions in healthcare facility design, a book coming out this fall will help guide nurses through the redesign process. Multiple contributors will discuss topics including innovations led by nurses and trends affecting design.

Two more Pioneer ACOs may leave over financial woes

Two more participants may exit the Pioneer ACO program due to lackluster financial performance--just days after the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced its accountable care organizations saved $411 million last year.