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Latest Headlines

Healthcare CEOs need a personal touch to restore public trust

It may be an uphill battle for healthcare CEOs to repair public trust once it's damaged, according to a commentary in  Forbes.

Brigham and Women's Hospital turns to clinicians to improve care, reduce medical expenses

Brigham and Women's Hospital takes a grassroots approach to improve its care offerings, turning to frontline staff for ideas on how to reduce waste and redesign healthcare delivery. So far the model has led to cost savings of $4.5 million and improvements in integrated care and care transitions.

How a shift in care delivery changed one health system's mission, vision and values

Guest post by Barry Ronan, president and CEO of Western Maryland Health System in Cumberland, Maryland It is interesting to see how our mission, vision and core values at Western Maryland Health...

CEO scandals can hurt organizations' reputations for years

Scandals involving CEOs can impact the individual and a company or organization's image for years, according to a new study from Stanford University. 

Public reporting measures don't give full patient safety picture

Common indicators used to rate hospital safety may not accurately capture care quality, a new study suggests.

Hospital leaders encourage execs to pursue spiritual wellbeing

Healthcare leaders across the religious spectrum should consider their spiritual wellbeing to help deal with the stresses of the job and prevent burnout, according to an article in  Becker's Hospital Review.

BMJ study on medical errors flawed, not 'innovative,' doctor writes

A recent study published in  The BMJ, which found that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., has flaws that prevent the findings from being truly innovative, writes Vinay Prasad, M.D., in an opinion piece.

Georgetown professors: WHO must address yellow fever outbreak

A pair of Georgetown University professors are calling on the World Health Organization to convene an emergency committee to tackle what they're calling the latest looming medical emergency: yellow fever.

HHS challenges healthcare organizations to design better medical bills

The Department of Health and Human Services on Monday challenged healthcare organizations and innovators nationwide to design a medical bill that is easier for patients to understand.

Training millennial healthcare workforce must incorporate the generation's values

Training the next generation of healthcare providers requires an understanding of how millennial values and favored approaches are transforming the industry, according to Becker's Hospital Review.