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Latest Headlines

Patients tell New York-Presbyterian's story better than doctors do

Making patients, not doctors, the focus of marketing efforts helps New York-Presbyterian Hospital connect with consumers newly empowered to pick and choose among healthcare providers, said the hospital's chief marketing officer.  

Nursing profession once again named most ethical

For the past 14 years, consumers who participated in the annual Gallup poll voted nurses as the most honest of all professions in America

10 emerging healthcare trends for 2016

Bedless hospitals. Mega hospital and insurer mergers. A growing consumer appetite for virtual health interactions. Those are among PwC's predictions for top healthcare industry trends for the new year in a report released today. 

3 ways healthcare organizations can better market their services

The healthcare industry has fallen behind in marketing compared to sectors such as insurance, but to survive amid stiff competition, healthcare organizations must adopt more innovative approaches to survive, according to an article published by  Chief Marketer.

North Jersey hospital creates program geared toward Filipino-American patients

A North Jersey hospital is launching a program to attract Filipino-American patients by providing culturally sensitive medical care that includes Tagalog-speaking caregivers and Filipino food choices for patients.

How UPMC used big data and integrated care to reduce readmissions

Healthcare providers are always on the lookout for strategies to reduce preventable readmissions, and leaders at one of the nation's foremost integrated health systems say the answer lies in integrating provider and payer operations, according to MobiHealthNews.

7 ways hospitals can rebuild community trust

Any number of incidents can erode a community's trust in a hospital, from a nasty disease outbreak to a slow corrosion of the hospital-community relationship over time. But both types of lost trust can be repaired, according to an article in Becker's Hospital Review.

Healthcare stereotyping can negatively affect patient outcomes

Stereotyping patients according to their age, race, weight, socioeconomic status, gender or other factors can have negative impacts on their health, according to new research. 

U.S. News reveals methodology behind hospital rankings

Editors and analysts revealed the methodology behind the  U.S. News & World Report  healthcare quality ratings at the 2015 U.S. News Hospital of Tomorrow Conference

Partnerships bring urban specialties to suburban hospitals

The financial realities of post-reform healthcare are pushing top-of-the-line medical services once available only in major, big city hospitals into suburbs and smaller communities.