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Latest Headlines

Do patient navigators really help? Depends on who you ask

Although many providers incorporate patient navigators into  cancer programs to boost patient outcomes and coordinate care, it's unclear whether these individuals actually help patients or save money, according to  The Washington Post.

How hospitals can balance social media engagement, patient privacy

.While many companies use social media to promote their brand or business, it is often a challenge for hospitals that must balance the need to market their organizations and protect patient privacy in online postings, according to a report in the  Yakima Herald.

Physician empathy is key to patient satisfaction

In recognition of how poor bedside manners could hurt both patient satisfaction scores and finances, more healthcare providers put a higher priority on physician empathy training, according to the  Deseret News.

Online ratings game: To boost PR, many hospitals post their own patient satisfaction info

As online ratings play an increasing role in consumer healthcare decisions, many healthcare organizations are getting into the ratings game by posting real patient feedback on their web sites, according to  CNBC.

Why the healthcare industry must take the lead on climate change

The effects of climate change threaten decades of healthcare progress, and health leaders have a responsibility to help reduce energy consumption and frame the crisis as a health issue instead of a scientific or political one, according to a report published by the  Lancet /UCL Commission on Health and Climate Change.

US News to overhaul its measures for annual Best Regional Hospital rankings

U.S. News & World Report  will revamp the methodology it uses to compare hospitals for its annual Best Regional Hospital report. 

Urgent care centers proliferate as popularity of retail health heats up

The rise of retail health has proven to be a major disruptor in the healthcare industry, and recent reports indicate that its power will not dissipate anytime soon.

When hospital success stories aren't the whole picture

Personal stories and anecdotes can be a valuable tool in healthcare, but some hospitals use them to obscure lackluster care quality ratings while the media look the other way, argues an opinion piece from Health News Review.

Unnecessary admissions: Many ER patients with chest pain

Healthcare providers that want to avoid unnecessary care and thus reduce healthcare costs may want to focus their efforts on patients who visit the emergency department for chest pain, a new study in  JAMA Internal Medicine  suggests.

As value trumps volume, some hospitals treat patients at home

While some hospitals use the old-fashioned concept of the house call to provide better post-discharge care, other organizations take the idea even further by treating certain patients entirely from the comfort of their homes, according to post on the  New York Times'  Well blog.