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Latest Headlines

Public advocates, Kaiser Permanente wage war of words over mental health services

A war of words--and advertisements--is taking place in California over long-simmering allegations that Kaiser Permanente has failed to provide adequate treatment and insurance coverage for patients who need mental health services. A Kaiser spokesperson told  FierceHealthcare  that the Courage Campaigns' claims are just the latest efforts in an ongoing union smear campaign.

Why healthcare must eliminate barriers for nurse practitioners

Increasing numbers of nurse practitioners who enter the healthcare field could help fill the gap created by a shortage of primary care physicians, according to an opinion piece on the  Health Affairs Blog.  

Beth Israel aims to prevent emotional harm to patients

The healthcare field has made great strides in preventing adverse events that cause physical harm to patients, but one Boston hospital thinks it's time that hospital quality improvement programs also work to prevent emotional harm that damages a patient's dignity.

CMS proposes to ease--but not abolish--two-midnight rule

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services this week proposed an amendment to the broadly unpopular "two-midnight rule" for patients' inpatient and outpatient status, according to the Associated Press.

Health insurance execs and others react to King v. Burwell ruling

Major insurance companies and execs reacted to last week's  Supreme Court ruling in  King v. Burwell  with a decidedly sunny vibe.

ACA risk adjustment program forces Mass. insurers to pay millions

Massachusetts' state Connector Authority notified 16 health insurance companies this week of changes affecting them as a result of the new payments and charges under the Affordable Care Act's risk adjustment program. 

Obama switches gears, focuses on changing the Affordable Care Act conversation

Riding high from last week's Supreme Court win, President Barack Obama continued his victory tour today in Nashville, Tennessee, aiming to shift the focus from Affordable Care Act criticisms to improving the healthcare reform law. Obama hopes to harness the momentum of the court victory to extend coverage to even more Americans.

ICD-10 training: How one hospital shifted away from dual coding

Engaging in dual coding as the deadline to transition to ICD-10 moves closer to reality is not an optimal strategy, according to Walter Houlihan, director of health information management and clinical documentation at Springfield, Massachusetts-based Baystate Health.

Survey: Docs less critical of ACA, more restless in current jobs

The Affordable Care Act still isn't winning the favor of all doctors in its fifth year, but more are at least willing to give it a passing grade, according to new data from the Medicus Firm.

5 ways medical tourism can go wrong

Medical tourism is increasingly popular among patients and health insurers, but research indicates that many patients may return from abroad with costly infections or complications.