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Latest Headlines

House debates how to pay for SGR fix

Members of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health are working on yet another attempt to reform the unpopular Sustainable Growth Rate formula, according to Healthcare Finance News.

New superbug danger: Patients sickened by infected endoscopes

The use of contaminated endoscopes infected scores of patients in Pittsburgh, Seattle and Chicago hospitals with a deadly, drug-resistant infection, according to recent reports, underscoring the danger posed by the "looming global crisis" of such superbugs.

For most hospitals, penalties wipe out quality bonuses

Medicare will award quality bonuses to the majority of hospitals it assesses, but in most cases, other penalties will offset those gains, Kaiser Health News reports.

Republican Senators introduce bill to eliminate individual mandate

Senate Republicans introduced a bill Wednesday to repeal the individual mandate provision under the Affordable Care Act,  reported Reuters.

Supreme Court considers providers' right to sue state over payments

This week the United States Supreme Court considered arguments in a case that could have far-reaching ramifications for providers' ability to sue states for insufficient Medicaid reimbursement, Kaiser Health News reported.

Obama State of the Union address: Increase personalized medicine, tighten cybersecurity

President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address on Tuesday night touted two proposals that could alter the healthcare landscape this year: Personalized medicine and cybersecurity.

Massachusetts makes headway in malpractice reform

Massachusetts policies have made it easier for patients and providers to avoid malpractice litigation,  Kaiser Health News  reported. 

OIG: CMS did not prepare for launch of

When launched in October 2013, laden with flaws and mishaps, it raised a number of concerns--namely, did the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services plan appropriately for the marketplace's launch? A recent  Office of Inspector General said, in a word, "No."

VA settles 25 whistleblower complaints

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel announced Tuesday that since last April, it has offered relief to a total of 25 whistleblowers who faced retaliation for exposing wrongdoing at VA facilities.

Docs to ONC: Ease administrative burden of health IT

The American Academy of Family Physicians is urging the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to ease the burden on physicians trying to comply with federal health IT goals.