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Latest Headlines

Kaiser Permanente: Online access to health info helps close gaps in care

Health plan members are more likely to engage in preventive care measures when able to access their health information online and receive alerts on gaps in care, according to a Kaiser Permanente study.  

As health insurance broker startups rise, regulatory issues loom

The health insurance sector has seen a host of innovative startups recently, including broker services that tap into the rising trend of consumerism. But the controversy surrounding one such company also shows the challenges that tech-driven startups face in the highly regulated healthcare industry.  

Artificial intelligence and the future of hospitals

Healthcare already has its hands full with rapid shifts in the status quo, but an even more dramatic change could be on the way: robotic doctors powered by artificial intelligence or AI.

No end in sight for BCBS of North Carolina technology woes

After two months of technology failures that led to overbilling and dropped coverage, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina will delay the transfer of 685,000 state health plan customers to its troubled software system, but offered no timeline for resolving existing data transfer problems, according to the  News & Observe r.

Health attorney Gerald DeLoss: Data sharing, use agreements in the midst of an evolution [Q&A]

As data sharing continues to become more commonplace, the actions and use agreements that underpin these activities are transitioning to meet changing needs and concerns, according to health attorney Gerald "Jud" E. DeLoss, Esq.

Doc groups support cost-saving telehealth proposal

Three Medicaid reimbursement policy changes for telehealth and remote patient monitoring would save the federal government $1.8 billion over the next 10 years, according to a new report by consultancy Avalere Health. 

Why a national solution is needed for provider directories

A national solution is needed when it comes to collection and quality of provider information, according to panelists speaking at the eHealth Initiatives annual conference on Thursday.

Wellmark BCBS exec: Healthcare industry must improve breach detection

Security threats on the healthcare industry will never fully go away, but the risks can be managed, especially though threat detection, according to panelists at the eHealth Initiative's annual conference in the District of Columbia on Thursday.

How EHRs can improve planning for emergency care 'frequent fliers'

Medicaid "frequent flier" patients to the emergency department have different characteristics than infrequent ED visitors, which call for different strategies, according to research published by  Big Data.  

Study: Use of OpenEHR can improve standardization of common data elements

Advanced modeling may be able to apply the OpenEHR archetype to improve data sharing among disparate common data elements, according to a new article in the  Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association.