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Latest Headlines

New ACOs organized despite federal scrutiny

Two Arizona health systems are joining together to launch an accountable care organization (ACO) that will provide coordinated care to about 50,000 members, the organizations announced this week, in hopes of improving outcomes, patient satisfaction and cost savings.

Fine-tune your practice with smart marketing

Your office schedule is jam-packed, with new patients waiting weeks or months for an appointment. If you don't necessarily need to generate more business, should you invest in marketing your practice?  Yes, Keith Borglum, a practice management consultant, appraiser and broker,  writes in  Medical Economics.

Rising expenses force PCPs to shrink practices

While debate continues about whether independent practices will exist in the future, it's clear that many solo physicians contend with vast challenges. A recent  artic le  from the  Dallas/Fort Worth Healthcare Daily  relays the story of Ripley Hollister, M.D., a primary care physician who says rising expenses and falling expenses forced him to shrink his practice.

CMS doles out $360 to test innovative care models

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced its second batch of recipients in round two of the Health Care Innovation Awards program, bringing the total to $360 million handed out for organizations to test innovative care models. The 39 prospective recipients will receive grants worth between $2 million and $23.8 million over a three-year period, according to an announcement. 

5 considerations for hospital board compensation planning

Hospitals saw an increase in paid nonprofit hospital board members over the past five years, a trend experts say will continue, according to a  Becker's Hospital Review  article.

Healthcare groups argue against excessive False Claims Act penalties

Hospital and healthcare groups across the country submitted a brief in support of petitioners Gosselin World Wide Moving, asking the Supreme Court to bar excessive False Claims Act penalties, according to a JDSupra Business Advisor blog post.

Cost of adult vaccinations prohibiting some docs

Slim profits and even financial losses have caused many physician practices to curb their offerings for adult vaccines. And according to a new article from the  New York Times, pediatricians in small and solo practices are increasingly facing the same dilemma.

The 10 top-grossing public hospitals

University of California San Francisco Medical Center at Parnassus leads public hospitals nationwide in gross revenue, according to Becker's Hospital Review list of the top 50 highest-grossing public hospitals

Illinois licensing fee funds adverse events reporting system

A new hospital licensing fee in Illinois will help the state create a healthcare reporting system, as well as improve hospital inspections,  Crain's Chicago Business  reported. 

Capitalism will disrupt healthcare complacency, drive innovation

Creative thinking and financial competition can help drive innovative change in the U.S. healthcare system, James Hamlin wrote in a piece in  The Atlantic.