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Latest Headlines

GAO digs into HHS fundraising efforts

Last spring, news broke regarding outgoing U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius' role in raising money for Enroll America, a nonprofit that promotes healthcare reform. Now new details surrounding this alleged campaign have surfaced, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

Hospitals use design to improve population health

Not only can hospital design affect patient population health, it may also impact the health and wellness of the local community, according to an article in  Healthcare Design Magazine.

Medicare changes needed to improve ACO benefits

Based on care patterns among  accountable care organization (ACO)  beneficiaries, many barriers remain to achieving organizational accountability in Medicare, according to a recent study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

ACA prompts groundbreaking, unlikely healthcare partnerships

An unlikely partnership helps two Seattle healthcare facilities offer treatment after hours.  Swe dish Medical Center  Foundation put down the start up money for Country Doctor Community Health Centers to open a weekend and after-hours clinic for patients who previously went to the emergency room for nonemergent care--right next to Medical Center's Cherry Hill hospital, the  Seattle Times   re ported.

4 ways hospital leaders can advance health equality

Healthcare leaders play a huge role in advancing quality care and health equity for diverse populations, but success requires that they collaborate on ideas to build accountability with minority and under-resourced communities, according to an  H&HN Daily  post.  

More hospitals provide self-insurance plans

Many hospitals are adopting self-insurance plans, hoping to offer competitive pricing to small business owners, reports Fox Business. By creating personal insurance products, hospitals can offset the costs of rising premiums.

Hospital-urgent care partnership reduces overcrowded ED

In an effort to reduce overcrowded emergency departments, many hospitals look to shift patients who don't have critical or life-threatening conditions to more appropriate care settings. One Massachusetts hospital's recent partnership with an urgent care center shows promise that other hospitals and healh systems may want to consider.  

Census survey changes could hide ACA effects

The Census Bureau plans to change its annual survey so drastically that it may be difficult to determine the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act, reports the  New York Times.

Census survey changes may hide reform law effects

The Census Bureau plans to change its annual survey so drastically that it may be difficult to determine the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act, reports the New York Times.

3 trends fueling retail clinic expansion

Retail health clinics are a new healthcare delivery trend quickly picking up steam across the country, the  Washington Post  reports