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Value-based care: Will the industry ever be ready to ditch fee-for-service?

The Triple Aim. Bundled Payments. Accountable care organizations. FierceHealthcare has written countless articles about these initiatives to move the healthcare industry away from fee-to-service to...

Bargaining power for docs comes at the expense of hospital leaders

Giving doctors more bargaining power may hurt hospitals in the long run, according to research published in Organization Science.

'Good news and bad news' on palliative care

More and more hospitals around the country are adopting palliative care programs for gravely ill patients, but a new report from the  Journal of Palliative Medicine finds that these programs are not evenly distributed.

ACLU sues Michigan health system over denying emergency care to pregnant women

The American Civil Liberties Union and the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan have filed a lawsuit accusing a Catholic health system with more than 80 hospitals nationwide of denying appropriate emergency care to women suffering pregnancy complications. 

Healthcare industry changes alone won't eliminate racial disparities of care outcomes, life expectancy

Although it's vital that the healthcare industry continue its efforts to eliminate racial disparities, those initiatives alone will not rid the inequalities of health outcomes, according to a post at  Harvard Business Review.

Three years into value-based purchasing, hospitals have little to show for it

Medicare's value-based purchasing program, under which hospitals are financially rewarded or penalized based on care outcomes, has not led to substantial improvements in care its first three years, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office.

Humana CIO: Allow consumers to get what they want, when they want it

​Humana is switching gears, moving away from a health-benefits mindset to one more focused on the consumer.  That's the main takeaway from Humana CIO Brian LeClaire's latest  column on,  in which he emphasizes the company's goal to get consumers what they want, when they want it.

Texas Children's Hospital opens unit in case child has Ebola, superbug

Since last year's outbreak of Ebola, many U.S. hospitals have renovated rooms and increased training to handle a potential case, but Texas Children's Hospital has taken a step beyond and built a separate isolation unit.

Early intervention can help stem the tide of ER 'super-users'

Frequent visitors to hospital emergency rooms account for disproportionate amounts of healthcare spending and take up precious resources in already overextended emergency healthcare facilities. But a coordinated effort by hospital staff and the community in the state of Maryland has reduced the number of ER visits by these patients and could provide a model for other healthcare facilities around the country

'Moral distress' is major contributor to burnout among emergency nurses

"Moral distress" can play a major contributing role to burnout among emergency nurses, according to a new report commissioned by the Emergency Nurses Association and published online in the  Journal of Emergency Nursing. Nurses in emergency healthcare find themselves increasingly unable to perform their jobs at a level that is fulfilling and which aligns with their inner sense of what quality nursing entails.