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Latest Headlines

States foster marketplace competition through consumer education, rate review

A new brief from the Commonwealth Fund reveals how individual marketplaces in four states promote competition among insurers, educate consumers and ensure a level playing field for premiums through the rate review process.

Obama's 2017 budget proposal: What it means for payers

President Barack Obama unveiled his 2017 fiscal year budget Tuesday, including a host of provisions set to impact both public and private payers.  

Final Obama budget takes aim at opioid addiction, superbugs

President Barack Obama today submitted a budget for fiscal 2017 that includes funds to address opioid abuse, combat antibiotic resistance and prepare for potential infectious disease outbreaks.

Students call for more diversity at Harvard Medical School

As part of a national student-led group called White Coats for Black Lives, students at Harvard Medical School are demanding more diversity on the school's faculty and want to see more candidates from underrepresented minority groups interviewed for the role of the school's next dean, reports  STAT.

Strengthen doctor-patient relationships by talking wellness, not just sickness

While our media channels, social and otherwise, are oversaturated with "simple tricks" promising to improve our health through better habits, superfoods and the like, a  Washington Post  article suggests many people overlook one of the best sources of information available to help improve their overall health and wellness: their primary care physicians.

Zika outbreak: White House seeks $1.8B to respond to virus

President Barack Obama will ask Congress for $1.8 billion in emergency funding to better prepare and respond to the Zika virus at home and abroad.

More hospitals replace nurseries with "rooming-in" with moms

Around the country, numerous hospitals are phasing out nurseries in maternity wards in favor of the practice of "rooming-in," wherein healthy newborns and their mothers stay in the same room, according to the Boston Globe.

Concierge practice less about money, more about quality of life

There are several reasons physicians are drawn to alternative practice models, such as direct pay and concierge medicine. For Doug Pitman, M.D., the most meaningful benefit of switching to concierge care was the ability to restore balance to his life, according to a commentary in  MD Magazine.

Eight states see major drop in uninsured numbers

In the first nine months of 2015, eight states experienced a statistically significant drop in the number of their uninsured residents ages 18-64, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Health Interview Survey. 

St. Louis hospital creates unit to improve outcomes through innovation

Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis has created a 21-bed neurological unit to examine whether new ways of providing care can improve outcomes, the  St. Louis Post-Dispatch  reported.