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What patients should know before seeking second opinions

While many physicians agree that it's helpful for patients to seek a second medical opinion about a serious diagnosis or treatment plan--especially considering diagnostic errors occur in 10 to 15 percent of cases--the common practice is not always simple. A recent post from  Kaiser Health News  highlighted several caveats regarding second opinions, which may be useful for physicians and patients to understand and discuss.

ACA, better economy spark surge in use of traveling nurses

Declining unemployment in the U.S. and an uptick in the number of Americans who have health coverage have increased demand for healthcare, which in turn has sparked a surge in employment opportunities for traveling nurses,  Kaiser Health News  reports.

To prevent burnout, hospitals must care for caregivers

Hospital staff spend long hours staying professional amid death, suffering, grief and anger from patients and their families, and those clinicians need support as well. To take care of their staff and prevent burnout, hospital leaders increasingly look for ways to treat stress and prevent the job from overwhelming clinicians, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Nurse scope of practice expansion may help ease rural healthcare woes

As more states move to expand nurses' scope of practice, these measures may be especially vital in rural America, where healthcare access gaps are often the most glaring, according to  the  New York Times.

Healthcare must embrace transparency, not 'translucency'

Outcomes transparency is a hot topic among healthcare leaders, but many leaders see it as a marketing tool, which misses the point, according to a blog post from the Harvard Business Review.

Green hospitals increasingly vital for population health, cost control

Environmentally friendly hospital redesigns, once considered just a bonus, are increasingly necessary within the healthcare industry, according to Becker's Hospital Review.

Why healthcare must fight against doc, nurse burnout

Healthcare leaders have a responsibility to lessen clinician burnout not only for the benefit of their employees, but also to improve the quality of patient care, according to a post from  Hospitals & Health Networks Daily.

Timely patient satisfaction surveys: No longer an option

Guest post by Tom Scaletta, M.D., emergency department medical director at Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare, a health system that comprises three hospitals and serves 1.7 million residents in the west and...

What the healthcare worker of the future will look like

In an exclusive interview with FierceHealthcare,  Jordan Asher, M.D., chief medical officer and chief integration officer at MissionPoint in Nashville, Tennessee, talks about the changing role of clinicians under value-based care and the need to retrain them to address psychosocial factors as part of population health management. 

5 ways nurses can improve their patient education skills

There's no question that nurses play a major role in health outcomes, which makes it all the more critical that they improve their ability to engage and educate patients. Here are five suggestions from American Sentinel University that nurses can use to boost patient education.