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Latest Headlines

More women heading health plans

While it's rare to find companies in the business industry where women chair the boards, two of the biggest health insurers in Massachusetts have a Madam Chair, according to the  Boston Globe.

IBM's Watson slow to convert knowledge into dollars and cents

IBM's Watson technology is struggling to meet lofty company projections for generated revenue, according to a new  Wall Street Journal  report.

Insurer slow to close debate on masking personal health info

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina periodically does something that just may be concerning to its customers: it shares their personal health information with a third-party company employed to design the company's software.

New Watson-based tool sends docs to the cloud for cancer treatment

IBM and Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, along with Indianapolis-based insurer WellPoint, today introduced a new product that will enable clinicians to provide personalized treatments to patients based on individual medical information and updated treatment guidelines and research.

ATA head: Government a 'lagging partner' for telehealth

American Telemedicine Association CEO Jonathan Linkous calls the government a "lagging partner" for the telehealth industry and says that government policies have proven to be the biggest barriers to telehealth deployment for two decades.

Will hospitals get high rates for exchange patients?

Tenet Healthcare expects to receive commercial rates from those enrolled in state health exchanges, potentially creating a showdown between for-profit hospital chains and insurers, reported Dow Jones Business News.

WellPoint will cover virtual doc visits

WellPoint, the second largest health insurer in the country, plans to include coverage for telemedicine services in all of its employer and individual plans. 

ICD-10 mapping efforts need organization to succeed

Establishing mapping to bridge the gap between the ICD-9 and ICD-10 coding sets is no easy task for hospitals and other provider organizations. A keen understanding of the process, as well as an organized plan of attack, are necessary for ensuring that such efforts are accurate.

Online healthcare price transparency tools trend upward

As healthcare costs continue to rise and fluctuate based on hospitals' location, price transparency efforts will continue to be important. That's what makes San Francisco-based health IT start-up

Fierce Q&A: WellPoint partners with providers to ensure smooth ICD-10 transition

When FierceHealthIT caught up with Ian Bonnet earlier this year, the vice president of business, IT strategy and execution leadership at Indianapolis-based WellPoint wasn't fazed by the Centers for