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Latest Headlines

Medicaid expansion slashed uncompensated care costs for hospitals

The expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act in 28 states and the District of Columbia was the driving force behind a significant drop in the cost of uncompensated care last year, according to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Report: Hospitals will save $5.7B on uncompensated care

Hospitals' uncompensated care costs fell nearly $6 billion in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, according to a report from the Department of Health and Human Services.

New program tracks ACA's effect on hospitals

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation will collaborate with 24 state hospital associations to track the Affordable Care Act's  effect on inpatient admissions and emergency department visits. 

Hospitals provided majority of uncompensated care in 2013

Hospitals provided $44.6 billion or nearly 60 percent of the $74 billion in uncompensated care delivered last year, according to a study published in  Health Affairs.

Hospital group lobbies against proposed $2B provider cuts

A top hospital lobbying group spoke out against a provision in President Barack Obama's budget proposal that cuts about $2 billion to healthcare providers, according to the National Journal.

AHA: Hospitals provided $45.9B in uncompensated care

U.S. hospitals provided $45.9 billion in uncompensated care in 2012, according to the American Hospital Association, which published data on uncompensated care costs from hospitals across the country. 

Children's hospital reaches out to parents

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is implementing new strategies to reach out to adults, USA Today reports.

Hospital uncompensated care costs stable--for now

U.S. hospitals provided $41.1 billion in uncompensated care in 2011, according to the American Hospital Association's latest annual survey.

Hospital DSH payments to plummet without Medicaid expansion

Hospitals will see the greatest unplanned cuts to DSH funding in Texas, Louisiana and Florida, which have all decided against expanding Medicaid.

Hospitals face new cost, patient challenges with Medicaid expansion

With Medicaid expansion projected to add 7 million newly insured patients, hospitals must be prepared for the challenges and benefits when the health reform provision takes effect in 2014, according to PwC's Health Research Institute.