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Latest Headlines

An impossible task: Finding out the true cost of maternity services

Figuring out how much a hospital charges for a newborn delivery is apparently an impossible task, according to  Vox.

Patients may need more of a nudge to capitalize on price transparency

Price transparency may be one of the few initiatives that will allow the U.S. healthcare system to save itself from itself. But there is a growing body of evidence suggesting that its existence may...

Price transparency doesn't cut healthcare spending

Expanding healthcare price transparency didn't prompt lower outpatient spending, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

HCCI: Prices for care vary widely across country

Some states pay more than twice as much for identical healthcare services than others, raising questions about what each state can do to better control their costs.

A look at the presidential candidates' potential impact on hospitals--if they win

As the presidential race continues to lurch forward and has been winnowed down to three (perhaps four) legitimate candidates, it is worth a look at their positions on healthcare and how their views...

Most consumers don't equate healthcare prices with quality

A new study has confirmed that consumers are aware that healthcare prices bear little relation to the delivery of quality care.

Online petition demanding price transparency gets strong response

A one-time hospital chief executive officer has launched an online petition to denounce the lack of transparency in the pricing of acute care services.

The Supreme Court just dealt a huge blow to price transparency in healthcare

The 2012 and 2015 U.S. Supreme Court decisions that more or less kept the Affordable Care Act (ACA) intact are considered to be among the most important cases that impacted healthcare delivery in...

Trump healthcare platform includes complete price transparency

Presidential candidate Donald J. Trump's short-on-specifics healthcare plan does contain one concrete element that has so far been elusive in the sector: Price transparency for patients.

Ohio lawmakers push for price transparency law

A bill that apparently is enjoying bipartisan support among Ohio lawmakers would mandate that consumers receive close estimates of how much they would have to pay as part of a hospital visit.