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Latest Headlines

Seattle Children's Hospital incorrectly sterilized equipment; 12,000 families notified

Seattle Children's Hospital is notifying 12,000 families after learning that some surgical equipment at the Bellevue Clinic and Surgery Center was incorrectly sterilized, CBS News reports.

Could recording surgeries reduce medical errors?

Reducing medical errors is a major priority for the healthcare industry, and now legislators and patient safety advocates are exploring a potential solution to the problem: Cameras in the operating room.

Why hospitals should use broader measures to track care quality

Although the hospital industry largely tracks care quality and patient safety by measuring individual adverse event rates, monitoring a hospital's total patient harm rate could be far more effective, according to Hospitals & Health Networks.

FDA task force: Use network of registries to track med devices

A new report calls for the creation of a national coordinated registries network to monitor medical devices after they become commercially available.

Patient safety experts: Make hand hygiene, flu shots mandatory for healthcare workers

Clinicians must no longer have the right to refuse to follow best practices for hand hygiene and influenza vaccinations, according to leading patient safety advocates in a  Health Affairs  blog post.

Turning down the volume: Hospital experiments with sound panels to reduce noise

Complaints that hospital noise from monitors and paging systems interrupts patients' sleep and can influence their blood pressure and heart rates has led one Michigan system to borrow a method used in music rooms to make the hospital quieter and improve patient care.

Patient safety risk: First responders often unprepared to treat children

First responders lack experience in emergencies involving children, and it puts patient safety at risk, causing significant injury or death in 4 to 17 percent of hospital admissions, according to a study published in the journal Pediatrics.

Patient fall prevention: New tool could help hospitals save $1M in costs

A new resource could help hospitals significantly reduce the number of patients injured from falls and save approximately $1 million in costs.

A potential weak link in patient safety: ER to inpatient handoffs

Physicians say that patient safety is often at risk because of ineffective communication during the emergency department handoff process when patients are moved to inpatient units.

More hospitals turn to 'laborists' to deliver babies

A growing number of hospitals are using OB hospitalists, also called laborists, to deliver babies, according to an article in  Kaiser Health News. Patient satisfaction, attempts to reduce malpractice risk and physicians who want to work for a salary instead of running their own practices are some of the factors driving the trend.