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Latest Headlines

Less ER image testing saves money, improves patient safety

In an effort to reduce healthcare costs and improve patient safety, some hospitals and physicians want to use less high-tech imaging in emergency rooms, and look for simpler, lower-risk diagnostic techniques, the  Wall Street Journal  reported.

Patient safety progress 'excruciatingly slow,' expert says

Patient safety progress is "excruciatingly slow," mainly because hospitals lack incentive to improve care and performance measures often miss the mark, one health expert told  Forbes

Hospital bullies pose a danger to patient safety

Disrespectful doctors create a "bullying culture" in hospitals, which organizations must address to improve patient care, argues a column in  Aeon  Magazine.

BIDMC to focus on tools for preventing harm, engaging families in ICUs

With a $5.3 million grant, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center plans to create digital tools to further eliminate preventable harm in the intensive care unit and better engage with patients and...

Hospitals rank alarm fatigue as top patient safety concern

Nineteen out of 20 hospitals surveyed rank alarm fatigue as a top patient safety concern, according to the results of a national survey presented last week at the annual meeting of the Society for Technology in Anesthesia

Are hospital faucets putting patients at risk?

Water taps in hospitals are full of bacteria, increasing the risk of infection in immunocompromised patients, according to a new study published in  Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology

Physician recertification: Costly, but potentially life-saving

Physician overconfidence can have dangerous consequences, particularly when it comes to diagnostic errors--a leading cause of medical malpractice claims. Despite these concerns, recent maintenance of certification requirements for some specialties remain controversial, as critics allege they are more burdensome than helpful.

New dress code recommendations look to reduce spread of MRSA, C. diff

To reduce the spread of infections like MRSA and  C. diff,  hospitals should encourage doctors to adopt a new dress code, according a report published in  Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology.

New ACEP report blasts state, federal emergency care policies

A new report card from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) is sharply critical of state policies on emergency care in the U.S., givingthem a grade of D-plus overall.

OSHA launches worker-patient safety resource for hospitals

A new Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) educational resource aims to help hospitals promote worker and patient safety, and assess safety needs, according to  EHS Today.