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Latest Headlines

Patient fall prevention: New tool could help hospitals save $1M in costs

A new resource could help hospitals significantly reduce the number of patients injured from falls and save approximately $1 million in costs.

A potential weak link in patient safety: ER to inpatient handoffs

Physicians say that patient safety is often at risk because of ineffective communication during the emergency department handoff process when patients are moved to inpatient units.

More hospitals turn to 'laborists' to deliver babies

A growing number of hospitals are using OB hospitalists, also called laborists, to deliver babies, according to an article in  Kaiser Health News. Patient satisfaction, attempts to reduce malpractice risk and physicians who want to work for a salary instead of running their own practices are some of the factors driving the trend.

Why surgical checklists often fail

The success of a surgical checklist, designed to be a simple and inexpensive way to cut post-operative infection rates and save patient lives, may depend on a number of factors, including leadership support, how the hospital adapts the checklist and buy-in from the staff who use it, according to an article in  Nature.

OIG attorney outlines health documentation best practices

As the Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General continues to crack down on fraud, copying and pasting text in electronic health records remains one of the easiest ways to run into trouble, according to Felicia Heimer, a senior attorney with OIG.

4 steps to improve patients' health literacy

Healthcare providers must take four immediate steps to improve their patients' health literacy and make sure patients understand the health information and instructions they receive, according to a new article in the  American Family Physician. 

ONC releases five-year roadmap for Health IT Safety Center

A new Health IT Safety Center Roadmap lays out a five-year plan for creating a federal center focused on aggregating data on health IT-related adverse events.

Virginia Mason Institute will bring its patient safety improvement efforts across the globe

England's National Health Service has selected the Virginia Mason Institute, one of the safest hospitals in the nation, to help the agency replicate its management system, which centers on improving patient safety and care quality while controlling healthcare costs, according to a Newswise article.

Most healthcare workers don't follow personal protective equipment-removal rules

Fewer than 15 percent of healthcare workers comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's recommendations for removing personal protective equipment (PPE), according to a study from the  American Journal of Infection Control. Correct removal is crucial to reduce contamination from emerging pathogens like the Ebola virus.

4 ways to inspire healthcare innovation

The healthcare industry can take lessons in innovation from sources as diverse as Chipotle, the zoo or the Apple store, leaders at the Sibley Innovation Hub told the Washington Business Journal.