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Latest Headlines

Nontraditional medical offices hit the road, meet different reactions

When the going gets tough, choices get even tougher for independent physicians. But not all physicians struggling to maintain private practices have stuck with the options that have come to comprise today's standard menu: Go big, go concierge or get out.

Biden calls for hospitals to 'double down' on patient safety

Vice President Joe Biden called for increased focus on error and infection reduction in the healthcare industry and more government incentives to facilitate them, according to Kaiser Health News.

Erroneous med orders 'sail through' CPOE systems

Nearly 80 percent of erroneous medication orders could be entered in computerized physician order entry systems, and more than half "sailed right through," with little or no difficulty or warnings, according to research published at  BMJ Quality & Safety.

6 keys to become a more transparent, safer hospital

Transparency is the antidote to many of the problems that plague healthcare, and increasing it will lead to better outcomes, greater satisfaction and reduced costs, according to a report issued by the National Patient Safety Foundation's Lucian Leape Institute.  

Hospital CEOs rank financial challenges as top concern

Thanks in part to the seismic changes surrounding the healthcare industry, hospital executives' top concern in 2014 was how to meet the financial challenges associated with running their businesses, according to the results of an annual survey conducted by the American College of Healthcare Executives.

What happens when false claims intersect with state peer review protections?

State peer review statutes offer protections to providers, ensuring the process in which medical professionals review the quality of medical services of their peers is shielded from discovery in legal proceedings. However, federal courts are not apt to apply a state statute to a federal case, and that can make things messy.  

ONC: Poor documentation mars adverse event reporting

An analysis of adverse events reported to two databases found a need for improved reporting, according to a blog post at  Health IT Buzz.

Military Health System whistleblowers face backlash

Following up on its investigation into  poor patient safety and lax oversight at military hospitals, a new  report  from the  New York Times  reveals how the system itself is designed to discourage internal criticism and even punish those who point out problems in care.  

6 must-know strategies to build a safer hospital

There's no room for doubt that the healthcare industry needs to improve patient safety, Robert Wachter, M.D., told the audience at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's recent forum on the issue--and he has a few ideas about how to go about it.

Respect: The key to patient safety and preventing medical errors

A new Consumer Reports survey polled 1,200 people who were hospitalized in the last six months and found that those who rarely felt respected by healthcare workers were two and a half times more likely to fall victim to a medical error than those who reported they were treated well.