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Latest Headlines

Simulation lab, war room help prevent medical errors, improve doc-nurse communication

Despite new technology and evidence-based guidelines, medical mistakes happen too frequently and may lead to as many as 400,000 preventable deaths each year. But two new programs, launched at the University of Virginia Medical Center, offers a new approach to patient safety that may prevent medical errors,  WTF Public  Radio reports.

Identifying adverse event patterns improves patient safety

Documenting post-operative adverse events (AEs) and determining their severity can help hospitals identify patient safety needs and develop appropriately targeted interventions for improvement, according to a new study published in Patient Safety in Surgery.

HIT data breaches top patient safety concern

Data integrity failures within health IT systems and care coordination top the list of this year's patient safety concerns, according to the ECRI Institute's "Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations."  

HIT data integrity failures top patient safety concerns

While data integrity failures within health IT systems only ranked fourth on the ECRI Institute's list of top healthcare technology hazards published last fall, when it comes to patient safety concerns, they rank No. 1.

Hospital setting triggers worker drug abuse, theft

More than 100,000 medical professionals, including doctors, nurses, medical technicians and aides, either abuse prescription drugs or are addicted to them, according to  USA Today.

CMS proposes new fire safety regs

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services this week released new proposed fire safety standards for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

ECRI rallies stakeholders with focus on HIT patient safety

The ECRI Institute Patient Safety Organization is calling for collaboration on patient safety to create a "a non-punitive learning environment" to bring about improvement.

Cost remains a barrier to e-prescribing, despite benefits

While e-prescribing has the potential to increase patient safety and medication adherence while save money, implementation costs remain one of the biggest barriers to adoption in ambulatory...

"Management By Walking Around" may hurt outcomes

The Management-By-Walking-Around technique, in which hospital leaders directly interact with frontline staff to seek suggestions for improvement or resolve problems, may do more harm than good, according to a new study published in Production and Operations Management.

Physician burnout reaches fever pitch

Rampant professional burnout drives more doctors to sell their practices, slash their patient panels or retire early, according to an article from the  Washington Post. The problem is particularly acute in primary care, where physicians manage patients' comprehensive needs, yet get as little as 11 minutes to spend with each of them.