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Latest Headlines

Massachusetts regulates nurse staffing levels in ICUs

Amid rising concerns about unsafe nurse staffing levels nationwide, Massachusetts on Wednesday became the second state to explicitly regulate nurse-to-patient ratios in its hospitals, the  Boston Globe  reports.

Naturopathic doctors focus of latest scope-of-practice debate

Out of all of the strategies proposed to help ease the United States primary care shortage, expanding the scope of practice may be the most contentious. The latest chapter in the debate surrounds proposed legislation to allow naturopathic doctors to prescribe some medications and perform minor procedures in California,  MedPage Today  reported.

Nurse claims Missouri hospital fired her for voicing patient safety concerns

Mercy Hospital Springfield in Springfield, Missouri, faces a lawsuit from one of its former nurses who alleges that she was fired for reporting inadequate staffing and infection control practices that put patients in danger, according to the  Springfield News-Leader.

Human behavior behind most surgical errors

Major surgical errors often involve a series of nine separate missteps-- including overconfidence of surgeons and nurses as well as a focus on the minute details of the procedure that cause clinicians to lose sight of the big picture--according to a study conducted by researchers at the Mayo Clinic.

5 steps to combat health alert overload

With a combination of electronic health records, wireless connectivity, mobile devices and more, healthcare is ready for a solution to alert overload, according to Vitaly Herasevich, an associate professor of anesthesiology and medicine in the department of anesthesiology at the Mayo Clinic.

Deadly infections cost Medicare billions

As the number of sepsis cases among hospitalized patients rises dramatically, the cost to public and private insurers is also skyrocketing: The newest hospital payment data from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services put the cost to Medicare in the billions.

Nurses afraid to speak out about dangerous staff shortages

While it's become clear that patient safety suffers if nurses are spread too thin, individuals who speak up about staff shortages often face harsh reprisals from their employers.

Why healthcare must fight against doc, nurse burnout

Healthcare leaders have a responsibility to lessen clinician burnout not only for the benefit of their employees, but also to improve the quality of patient care, according to a post from  Hospitals & Health Networks Daily.

Patient safety efforts save Indiana hospitals $22M

An Indiana patient harm reduction campaign saved more than $22 million over three years, according to research from the Indiana Hospital Association's Indiana Patient Safety Center.

Hospital designs make room for technology

Hospital room designs are changing to accommodate technology's rising role in care and to help improve patient safety.