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Latest Headlines

Hospitals invest in equipment for growing obese patient population

Roughly one-third of Americans are obese, and as the numbers continue to rise, hospitals around the country invest in equipment to accommodate more plus-sized patients, according to  NWI.com.

Talk past one another and watch healthcare costs inevitably rise

The United States has long been described as a melting pot. A group of volatile chemicals striving to reach the top of a beaker would be more accurate. That is among the reasons that healthcare in...

Military hospitals lack patient safety standards, unexpected deaths go unchecked

A  New York Times  in-depth investigation called into question patient protection policies at military hospitals across the country, completely separate from the Veterans Affairs hospital system, after it uncovered the facilities failed to look into numerous unexpected patient deaths.

Fraud investigation tips from Deloitte's Mike Little

FierceHealthPayer: Anti-Fraud talked to Michael E. Little for expert advice on how special investigations units can improve their anti-fraud casework. Little is a senior manager in the forensic practice of Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, LLP in Philadelphia.

5 steps to quiet damaging hospital noise

Hospital noise interrupts patients' sleep patterns, influences their blood pressure and puts added stress on hospital staff--all reasons for organizations to find ways to reduce the constant commotion. Here are five ways to silence the noise.

Should physician background checks be mandatory?

A doctor accused of sexually assaulting a patient earlier this year brings the issues of physician background checks into the spotlight in Maryland and 12 other states around the country that don't conduct background checks, according to the  Baltimore Sun. 

Healthcare worker fatigue contributes to 1,600 patient safety events in Pennsylvania

Fatigue contributed to more than 1,600 events reported to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority (PPSA), according to an article in  Pennsylvania Patient Safety Advisory.

Simulation lab, war room help prevent medical errors, improve doc-nurse communication

Despite new technology and evidence-based guidelines, medical mistakes happen too frequently and may lead to as many as 400,000 preventable deaths each year. But two new programs, launched at the University of Virginia Medical Center, offers a new approach to patient safety that may prevent medical errors,  WTF Public  Radio reports.

Identifying adverse event patterns improves patient safety

Documenting post-operative adverse events (AEs) and determining their severity can help hospitals identify patient safety needs and develop appropriately targeted interventions for improvement, according to a new study published in Patient Safety in Surgery.

HIT data breaches top patient safety concern

Data integrity failures within health IT systems and care coordination top the list of this year's patient safety concerns, according to the ECRI Institute's "Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns for Healthcare Organizations."