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Latest Headlines

Leapfrog Group CEO: HIT funds should go toward ensuring systems are safe

Technology is meant to make work at hospitals easier and improve patient care, but often installing new systems can go awry and many health administrators lack experience with the new tools, according to Leah Binder, president and CEO of the nonprofit Leapfrog Group.

How a pediatric hospital collaborative transformed patient safety

As hospitals nationwide work to improve patient safety and avert federal penalties for hospital-acquired conditions,children's hospitals have made some of the most significant progress, according to a column in  U.S. News & World Report.

Hospitals turn to big data to identify risks in the ICU

Intensive care units, seeking to reduce avoidable deaths, can harness big data to identify trends that may increase patient risks, according to the Wall Street Journal.

How healthcare leaders can increase transparency, improve patient safety

Organizations must have transparency in order to create a true culture of patient safety. But it takes strong leadership to overcome the barriers to transparency ingrained in healthcare culture so that organizations can be open about errors and mistakes that harm patients and make changes in their systems to keep them from happening again, argue four members of the National Patient Safety Foundation's Lucian Leape Institute in a blog post for Health Affairs..

Toby Cosgrove reveals the secret to Cleveland Clinic's care delivery transformation

Despite its challenges with hand-hygiene compliance and doctor-patient communication, Cleveland Clinic has had tremendous success with accountable care and improving patient safety and care access, according to CEO Toby Cosgrove, M.D., who spoke Friday at the sixth annual National ACO Summit in the District of Columbia.

The patient safety threats no one talks about

Threats to patient safety such as hospital-acquired infections, patient falls and medical errors make nationwide headlines, but lesser-known safety threats such as dietary errors and hazardous antiseptic products may slip under the radar.

AMA: Evaluate older docs

The American Medical Association has voted in favor of the creation of a process to screen and assess the competency of aging physicians', according to an announcement from last week's annual meeting. 

Hospitals that reduce patient medications may improve patient safety

Hospitals that reduce the number of medications a patient takes could improve patient safety under the theory that the fewer medications given, the less chance of a medication error, according to an opinion piece at  Quartz, a digital news outlet.

Massachusetts regulates nurse staffing levels in ICUs

Amid rising concerns about unsafe nurse staffing levels nationwide, Massachusetts on Wednesday became the second state to explicitly regulate nurse-to-patient ratios in its hospitals, the  Boston Globe  reports.

Naturopathic doctors focus of latest scope-of-practice debate

Out of all of the strategies proposed to help ease the United States primary care shortage, expanding the scope of practice may be the most contentious. The latest chapter in the debate surrounds proposed legislation to allow naturopathic doctors to prescribe some medications and perform minor procedures in California,  MedPage Today  reported.