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Latest Headlines

17 providers receive $110M in federal funds to improve patient safety

Seventeen healthcare providers and hospital associations will receive $110 million in Affordable Care Act funds to take part in the Partnership for Patients program, which aims to improve the quality and safety of healthcare. and reduce its costs.

Electronic data-sharing errors could compromise patient privacy

As data-sharing becomes more common in healthcare, the potential grows not just for hacking, but for errors that compromise patient safety and privacy.

IOM: Most patients will experience a misdiagnosis in their lifetime

Despite sparse data on the extent of misdiagnosis in the healthcare industry, best estimates indicate that most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime, sometimes with devastating consequences, according to the long-awaited Institute of Medicine report, "Improving Diagnosis in Health Care."

ONC issues guidance for consumer-centric telehealth visits

A new whitepaper from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT outlines the essential factors in a consumer-centered telehealth experience.

Framework focuses on improving measurement of HIT safety issues

The healthcare industry, which has focused its electronic health record-related activities on meeting Meaningful Use requirements, must refocus on measuring patient safety concerns, according to an article at  BMJ Quality & Safety.

Culture of safety starts with hospital leaders

In an era when medical errors are the nation's third-leading cause of death and hospitals are increasingly at risk for penalties for unsafe practices, healthcare leaders need more and better tools in order to foster a culture of safety.

Organized medicine takes on misdiagnosis problem

Diagnostic errors--which lead to more malpractice claims than any other type of medical mistake--were conspicuously absent from the Institute of Medicine's 1999 "To Err Is Human" report. A follow-up report due out this month will aim to tackle the devastating and complex problem of misdiagnosis.

AHRQ announces new patient safety grants

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality will offer a series of grants up to $1.5 million to develop patient safety initiatives for ambulatory care and long-term care facilities, the agency announced this week.

What went wrong in first U.S. Ebola case--and how to fix it

A Texas hospital must make several changes and improvements to avoid the mistakes that led to a patient with Ebola infecting two nurses prior to his death, according to an independent report released by Texas Health Resources, the hospital's parent company

Forthcoming AHRQ funding to focus on patient safety

A new round of project funding from the  Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality   will focus on providing strategies and tools for improving patient safety in ambulatory care and long-term care facilities.