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Latest Headlines

A culture of patient safety requires education, daily strategies

Seventeen years after the National Patient Safety Foundation's landmark "To Err Is Human: Building a Safer Health System" report and new research that finds medical errors are the nation's third-leading cause of death, patient safety stands at a crossroads, according to a commentary published in  JAMA.

Patient dangers persist post-discharge

In the ongoing struggle to prevent patient harms and preventable readmissions, many providers overlook one of the most dangerous legs of the process: the discharge and post-discharge process.

Patient safety: A call for more meaningful measures

Increased financial pressure provides hospitals with more incentives to improve patient safety, but policymakers must establish more meaningful measures to create lasting change, write two leading patient safety experts.

Task force calls for sweeping patient safety reforms at NIH's Clinical Center

A panel of independent experts has called for sweeping changes in the patient safety practices at the National Institute of Health's Clinical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. The task force writes in a report that an overemphasis on research came at the expense of patient safety.

New concurrent surgery guidelines receive mixed reviews

Hospitals and doctors have mixed opinons about The American College of Surgeons' new guidelines on concurrent surgeries, according to an article in the  Boston Globe.

Mismatch of HIT and workflow tops list of patient safety concerns

A disconnect between health IT configurations and organizational workflow topped the ECRI Institute's 2016 list of top 10 patient safety concerns.

Avoid legal battles: Don't punish nurses who speak up

Hospitals can protect themselves from legal action simply by listening to nurses who speak up about patient safety problems and then correcting the problems instead of covering them up, according to a  Medscape  article that examines two legal cases involving nurses who were fired after reporting concerns about patient safety.

Planning board makes recommendations for medical device evaluation system

A new paper from the planning board for a national medical device evaluation system describes how the nation can implement a coordinated network to gather evidence on the safety and effectiveness of medical devices.

Digital prescription systems miss potential drug errors

While dangerous drug errors are down significantly for hospitals that use digital medication orders, more than 10 percent of potentially fatal mistakes still slip through the cracks, according to a new report from the Leapfrog Group.

8 ways nurses shape and transform healthcare

Too few people understand that bedside nurses are the providers in charge of the functions that "very often determine health outcomes and the procurement of ethical care," according to a  Huffington Post  blogger.