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Latest Headlines

Hospital leaders: To transform care, simplify your team's priorities

Guest post by Scott Kashman, chief administrative officer of Cape Coral Hospital, part of the Lee Memorial Health System in southwest Florida. How would you simplify your organization's...

A hospital exec's perspective from the other side of the bed

Guest post by Raymond Hino, president and CEO of the Sonoma West Medical Center in California High-quality patient experience is always a concern for me, as I believe we must make our patients'...

5 ways to use volunteers to improve patient satisfaction

Healthcare volunteers may hold the key to a better patient experience, according to a whitepaper published by the Beryl Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to patient experience improvement.  

One year into tenure, Geisinger CEO praises patient engagement, satisfaction initiatives

Hospital executives who want their organizations to deliver top patient experience must engage directly with patients, the CEO of Geisinger Health System tells Healthcare IT News.

In patient experience, all voices are valuable

Guest post by J ason A. Wolf, Ph.D., president of The Beryl Institute, a global community of practice focused on patient experience improvement and founding editor of Patient Experience Journal. I...

How to make a patient payment portal successful

Organizations that aim to boost patient collections should consider creating a consumer-friendly patient portal, according to the senior director of revenue cycle for Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

Patient experience efforts pay off with long-lasting relationships

Hospitals that make an effort to improve the patient experience actually enhance performance across all departments and the goodwill and reputation in their communities. 

The patient experience: 3 ways to increase satisfaction

Efforts to improve the patient experience at the University of California San Diego Health System don't necessarily start at the patient-level: Successful initiatives incorporate the experiences of the entire staff from administrators to the clinical team, according to an article published by  Hospitals & Health Networks.

4 Fierce patient experience videos

To help inspire hospitals improve the patient experience,  FierceHealthcare  turned to YouTube and found five videos that demonstrate just what goes into creating a quality patient experience.

4 ways hospitals can bridge efficiency and patient care

To truly embrace patient-centered care and improve the patient experience,hospitals need leaders who can combine humanized care and efficiency, according to a new survey.