Medicare Advantage

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Latest Headlines

Lack of data leaves unanswered questions about Medicare Advantage

For years, health insurance companies have claimed that Medicare Advantage can provide better care at a lower cost. But is this really the case?

Competition hard to come by in Medicare Advantage markets

Amid concern over the effects of major consolidation in the health insurance industry, a new report highlights the fact that most Medicare Advantage markets already are scarcely competitive.

How Medicare Advantage could kill nonprofit insurers

Small, regional nonprofit insurers are feeling a negative impact from the Medicare Advantage program that could force them to raise premiums, cut benefits or even leave the market.

How health insurer mergers could boost care management programs

Though some have expressed concerns about the anticompetitive effects of the mergers among the nation's largest health insurers, one major benefit of consolidation is that it's likely to accelerate the industry's use of effective care management programs, according to an opinion piece from  CNBC.

Whistleblower suit implicates dozens of health plans in Medicare Advantage overpayments

More lawsuits targeting Medicare Advantage are rolling in, and the latest calls into question the practices of one company that performed in-home health assessments on elderly patients for 30 health plans in more than 15 states across the country, according to a report from the Center for Public Integrity.

Three-day rule on SNF payments may cost Medicare money

A Medicare rule that requires patients to stay in the hospital for three days before the program will pay for a skilled nursing facility may actually cost the program money

Medicare's three-day rule may lead to longer-than-needed hospital stays

Medicare's rule that says patients must stay in the hospital for three days before it will cover their care in a skilled nursing facility may not be helping patients, a new study finds, and in fact may be costing Medicare plans money.

Medicare Advantage may be best program to power healthcare reform

Though some have championed Meaningful Use as a key tool for driving reform in the healthcare system, its power pales in comparison to that of the increasingly popular Medicare Advantage program.

Medicare Advantage members have 'robust' plan choice

Medicare Advantage (MA) enrollees enjoy considerable plan choice and are likely to continue to do so even amid the wave of consolidation that has recently taken place in the health insurance industry, according to a new analysis from Avalere.

Health policy experts say Medicare is more efficient than Medicare Advantage

Although the Medicare Advantage program is widely popular among both insurers and consumers, several healthcare experts don't think Medicare officials should privatize the public insurance program any further.