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Latest Headlines

Study: Medicare Advantage double bonuses did not improve quality ratings

Paying some Medicare Advantage plans double bonuses under a pay-for-performance program did not result in higher quality ratings, according to a new study.

Provider-sponsored plans: Financial success may drive growth

The recent financial success of provider-sponsored health plans have led many health systems to think about developing strategies to establish or expand their own health plans. Despite an overall low representation in the healthcare market, the PSPs may help to drive growth for the integrated healthcare financing and care delivery model, according to a new report from Deloitte's Center for Health Solutions.  

Four ways to protect yourself from Medicare Advantage fraud liability

Medicare Advantage plan sponsors could be facing a greater level of scrutiny, and potentially more legal costs, but legal experts say four simple steps could potentially mitigate liability.

Cigna cites higher consolidated revenues in Q3 earnings

Cigna reported consolidated revenues of $9.4 billion in its third-quarter earnings report, an increase of 7 percent compared to the same quarter last year. 

3 revelations about this year's Medicare Advantage Star Ratings

Now that the 2016 Medicare Advantage Star Ratings are out, a new report drills deeper into the data to reveal trends among these increasingly popular plans.  

Study: Consumers more satisfied with Medicare Advantage than commercial plans

Medicare Advantage members are generally more satisfied with their care than those enrolled in commercial plans, according to J.D. Power's 2015 Medicare Advantage Member Satisfaction Study.  

More plans earn high marks in 2016 Medicare Advantage Star Ratings

The 2016 Medicare Advantage Star Ratings are out, and the results show an improvement year-over-year in the number of high-performing plans.  

High-cost seniors turn to traditional Medicare over Medicare Advantage plans

Many seniors switch from Medicare Advantage plans to traditional Medicare when they become seriously ill, which raises questions about how well MA plans can serve this population of high-cost patients, according to a new  Health Affairs  study.

Distinct enforcement themes emerge at AHLA fraud conference

Last week's Fraud and Compliance Forum, hosted by the American Health Lawyers Association, outlined current and future fraud enforcement trends straight from the mouths of OIG officials.

UnitedHealth seeks to attract seniors with 'Medicare stores'

As the popularity of private-option Medicare plans continues to grow, at least one major insurer has responded by taking an usual step to increase customer engagement--opening more brick-and-mortar stores where seniors can shop for coverage.