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Latest Headlines

Census survey changes may hide reform law effects

The Census Bureau plans to change its annual survey so drastically that it may be difficult to determine the effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act, reports the New York Times.

Medicare doc data release a mixed blessing

The government's release of Medicare provider payment data is a giant step forward. Taxpayers and consumer advocates have the right to know how public funds are spent. When I think of the...

Obesity coverage could cut chronic condition costs

More than nine months since the American Medical Association declared obesity a disease, federal law still forbids Medicare from covering obesity medications. But coverage of obesity under Medicare and other insurance plans could slow the rate of chronic diseases and reduce the long-term costs of obesity-related chronic conditions.

Insurers keep watchful eye on costly diabetic members

Now more than ever insurers are monitoring their diabetic patients to ensure they don't miss appointments or forget to fill up prescriptions, reports the Associated Press.

Radiology ranks high as a recipient of Medicare dollars

Radiology ranked fifth among medical specialties that received the most in Medicare payments in 2012, according to Medicare doc data recently made public by CMS.

Amyloid PET scans 'latest campaign for overdiagnosis'

In a commentary published online in  JAMA Internal Medicine, Susan Molchan, M.D., a private practice psychiatrist from Bethesda, Md., suggested the push to get amyloid PET scans covered by Medicare is part of the "the latest campaign for overdiagnosis."

CA hospitals overbilled Medicare by $367M

California's hospitals received overpayments from the Medicare program that totaled nearly $367 million in 2012, primarily for inpatient services, the San Francisco Business Times reported.

Millionaire docs accused of Medicare overbilling, fraud

Two doctors--whose combined Medicare earnings in 2012 approached $30 million, according to recently-released government payment data--have been accused of overbilling and fraud.

To think I buried the truth of the ACA on Mulberry Street!

(With endless apologies to Theodore S. Geisel and his family) When I leave home for work, The Truth of the ACA Always says to me, "Ron, keep your eyelids up And see what you can see."...

Michigan joins Medicare-Medicaid integration trend

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has partnered with Michigan to test efforts to improve care and contain costs for Medicare-Medicaid enrollees.