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Latest Headlines

Obama budget director wants more aggressive approach to improper medical payments

The Obama administration is zeroing in on fraud, waste and abuse, as evidenced by a letter from a White House official calling for "a more aggressive strategy" to combat improper payments within government healthcare programs.  

Have insurers established ICD-10 accommodation periods?

As the Oct. 1 ICD-10 deadline inches closer, many insurers haven't announced whether they have implemented accommodation periods--when they will pay claims that aren't coded correctly as long as they're in the right family of codes, reports Health Data Management.

Lack of data leaves unanswered questions about Medicare Advantage

For years, health insurance companies have claimed that Medicare Advantage can provide better care at a lower cost. But is this really the case?

American Hospital Association applauds proposed changes to two-midnight rule

In a sign that hospitals and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services are moving closer to an agreement over the controversial two-midnight rule regarding inpatient admissions, the American Hospital Association has praised changes that have been proposed by the agency--but it still wants more time before those changes go into effect.

Observation care takes its toll on patients' wallets

The issue of observation care has proven to be a financial sore point for hospitals, but a new study suggests it is creating similar issues for patients, according to a new study published in the Journal of Hospital Medicine.

'Cowboy' doctors account for a lot of unnecessary care, Medicare expenditures

So-called "cowboy doctors"--clinicians who provide intensive, but unnecessary care--account for more than a third of all Medicare expenditures at the end of life and 12 percent of all Medicare expenditures overall, according to a new study by Harvard University researchers.

3 factors that will transform Medicare

Although Medicare was built on a failing model of fee-for-service, the nation's largest insurer has been making plans to transform itself into the future, say two health policy experts.

Medicare has not only remade healthcare finance, but pushed race relations forward

At age 50, Medicare is baked into the American landscape in much the same way as guns and pizza. Take any of those three away, and the entire republic would probably collapse. But unlike guns and...

Insurers look to prevent costly falls in older members

As the elderly population continues to grow and people live longer, insurers are looking for ways to reduce costly falls of their most frail members, reported the  International Business Times.

House GOP unveils plans to overhaul Medicare

In an effort to overhaul the Medicare program, House Republicans will start drafting a Medicare "premium-support" bill next year.