Medicaid reimbursements

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Latest Headlines

Specialty Hospitals sues D.C. for $24M in Medicaid underpayments

Specialty Hospitals of America maintains the District of Columbia's failure to fully reimburse its Medicaid treatment costs is putting the hospitals in "imminent financial peril," according to The Washington Post.

Medicaid expansion determines hospitals' health reform fate

As states decide whether to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, new research shows the benefits of newly covered Medicaid patients outweigh losses in privately insured patients.

Federal officials late on health reform deadlines

Thanks to missed deadlines, delays and confusing regulations, reform efforts to improve health outcomes and lower costs could be stalled.

Upcoding trend? Hospital pays $800K over inflated malnutrition claims

Baltimore's Good Samaritan Hospital will pay about $800,000 to settle claims that it submitted inflated rates of patients suffering from malnutrition to Medicare and Medicaid for four years, reported

Report: Safety-net hospitals need targeted, more Medicaid payments

As safety-net hospitals across the country worry about reimbursement cuts, a new report from the Commonwealth Fund offers strategies to help safety nets continue to treat poor and uninsured patients.

Medicaid cuts loom despite overdue reimbursements

Hospitals across the country are preparing for looming cuts to Medicaid reimbursements, all while waiting for millions of dollars in owed payments. In Maine, a deal passed unanimously yesterday will

Medicaid cuts force hospitals to find new revenue sources or lose 46K jobs

Thousands of jobs may be eliminated at Florida hospitals, thanks to a proposed 2012 state budget that will slash Medicaid payments by $2 billion, according to the Florida Hospital Association (FHA).

State owes $35M in Medicaid errors

Although hospitals in New Hampshire cut their state tax fee by $50 million last month, the state will be paying $35.8 million back to the federal government starting next year. According to the

Employment paradox: Hospitals hiring, firing workers

While escalating costs and shrinking state reimbursements are forcing hospitals to preemptively lay off workers, health reform (and the influx of patients that comes along with it) is causing those

More mass layoffs as hospitals face payment cuts

With state budget cuts to Medicaid reimbursements and a weak economy, more hospitals are turning to mass layoffs to conserve resources, according to an Advisory Board Company report. Hospitals had 13